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Inspire the operation value of access control entrance and exit, and help the real estate property layout loT

The traditional access control controller and access control integrated machine, the communication mode is generally TCP/IP or RS485 direct and background connection, belonging to a single-level architecture, has certain limitations in the realization of functions, and video surveillance systems, alarm systems, etc. The combination is not tight. In a complex project implementation environment, safety and construction convenience are greatly challenged.


      With the Internet + deep into all major areas, the management of access control has long exceeded the stage of simple management of the door lock and the key. After the baptism of the mobile Internet, the access control has its potential "in addition to its own security function." The advantage of the entrance is gradually being amplified. Among the four subsystems of security, the access control is the only one that is purchased by the B-end user and ultimately serves the C-end market. It is also the system with the highest frequency of C-side users. High-frequency words mean large flows, based on traffic to derive operational value.

Realize the scene design of access control, traditional entrance and exit of parking lot community, and build a smart community ecosystem platform

   Zhiguo Internet Wistate system is based on Internet + Internet of Things (Big Data), cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, relying on excellent front-end hardware equipment products, using advanced biometric technology, and software platform linkage application to achieve community security upgrade, to achieve Accessible, attendance, patrol, parking lot, visitor management, elevator control management, video linkage and other smart community construction ecosystem platform, with cost-effective, construction (no wiring), and can achieve 0.1 second speed brush face opening The mobile phone APP opens, the remote video intercom, the visitor mode opens the door and many other technology convenient opening methods to create a safe and comfortable living and working environment.

Internet + to achieve community security upgrades, to stimulate access control port operation value

       At present, Zhiguo Internet has carried out in-depth cooperation on the technology integration of face recognition algorithm + camera in video access control system, and launched face recognition intelligent access control, which brings users a cutting-edge technology experience of one-second brush opening, which makes the entry and exit faster. It is more convenient, and it also improves the security level of the community, clears the loopholes, and is more secure.

     Across the country, there are already a number of key cities (including Chongqing, Beijing, Wuhan, Tianjin, etc.), which use Zhiguo Internet Wistate intelligent access control system to realize the intelligent upgrade of traditional communities and realize the application of Internet + multiple community scenarios. Make full use of the stable flow of the community, through the combination of the door and the machine and the size screen of the mobile phone, realize accurate and active interactive marketing from picture to voice, from access control to mobile phone, provide effective guarantee for the realization of traffic, and stimulate the operation value of access control.

The status quo and trend of cloud intercom



Analysis of the status quo of cloud intercom market

In the visits of the previous year, only two companies clearly stated that they did not have cloud intercom products. Most of the companies have already worked hard on such products, but from the actual experience of the exhibition hall, many products have been out of sync with images and sounds. Other phenomena, even more surprising, the commercial level of such products is still at a low level.

Why is this so? The answers received are almost the same – such products are still in the laboratory stage, and if they are commercialized, various unstable factors will continue to occur frequently, which is a problem that the current cloud intercom products must face. In the visits after the year, it was found that no less than six companies have successfully introduced cloud intercom products to the market and regarded them as the entrance to community operations.

But new problems will arise, and who is responsible for the operating expenses? This does not form a clear model. According to the market visits, it is found that more manufacturers are subsidizing users, so as to better form the scale of users and lay the foundation for future operations. Of course, this is for a group of companies with strong capital, but for companies that are losing money, the measures of the friends will accelerate their decline, and mixed feelings have become a true portrayal of the industry.

The building intercom industry has entered the stage of fierce competition. In addition to brand strength, customer service and value, it also has to compete to meet the needs of customized users. At this stage, perhaps hardware sales can bring benefits to the enterprise, but in the future, to continue to develop, companies must find new support points, such as operations.

Building intercom companies transform to operations

In Guangdong and Fujian, through their own basic advantages, more and more manufacturers are preparing to transform into the operating market (smart community operations). These companies seem to be natural through intercom products as a feature entry. But now, the question that must be faced is who will pay for operating expenses?

The building intercom market is very special - the people who buy it are not used, the people who use it do not buy, the ecosystem of the industry is also more complicated, and the hardware manufacturers or distributors can promote the products through the real estate business and the property, but the property or users They don't want to bear the operating expenses, so the business model is an important factor hindering the development of cloud intercom products.

Fortunately, more and more domestic real estate developers have listed cloud intercom products as essential products for new real estate, and the market acceptance of such products has also begun to rise. It is against this background that there are many new players in the building intercom industry. In the past market competition, under the influence of homogenized products, low prices will definitely become the killer of winning market competition. However, these new players have completely changed the low price - quickly occupying the market with the "free" model. They are more concerned with the value behind the large-scale user group and profit from the community service. .

According to market visits, such a model is particularly easy to be effective in urban villages or old neighborhoods. Compared to high-end residential quarters, these places are mainly rented houses. Because they are free, landlords like to win tenants through these new devices. Favor.

The development of the building intercom industry is closely related to the real estate market. Now the real estate market has entered a convergence phase. Many foreign intercom brands have also begun to withdraw from the Chinese market in the past few years. The intercom industry has also begun to enter the fall, and the company’s attention has been paid from the new housing market. It also began to shift to the transformation of the old district.

However, some old districts cannot ignore problems such as equipment aging, cable damage, etc. These users have a large amount of engineering and high cost if they replace new equipment. The advantage of cloud intercom allows them to see hope, as long as there is a mobile phone or landline in the home, they can enjoy the services brought by the new equipment.

According to Rogers' innovation diffusion theory, the cloud intercom in the previous two years is in the Early Adopters, and the market share is between 15% and 25%. From the end of last year, the cloud intercom has entered the third stage - Early Majority, the market share has risen rapidly, and will enter the fourth or fifth stage in the next three years, and the market share will reach 75%, which means that if there is no such product layout, whether it is in the right Market competition or future user operations will lag far behind.

Cloud intercom challenge

In the operation of the enterprise, the first is the challenge brought by the operation. The building intercom enterprise belongs to the traditional industry. The operation is the idea that the Internet enterprise is good at it. The first thing that the building intercom needs to face is to clarify the concept of operation and learn the experience of others. grow rapidly. The second is to capture the challenges of customers. The establishment of an operating company does not mean that once and for all, how to acquire customers and strengthen the adhesion of users and themselves, this still requires companies to constantly think. The third is the issue of fees and the problem of profit model. The current stage of profit may not be easy to say, and more companies think about the issue of capital preservation.

In technology research and development, the first is the high cost of self-research, the high technical threshold, the cloud intercom is a combination of traditional intercom and Internet audio and video technology, building intercom manufacturers in the LAN to do audio and video transmission is no stranger, but the cloud Intercom requires the intercom products to communicate with the mobile APP, which means that the products must be on the public network, but often the products in the LAN operate normally. When the Internet comes to the Internet, various problems (loss, delay, etc.) will occur; the second is The quality of mobile phones is uneven, and manufacturers cannot guarantee that 100% of mobile phones can enjoy the same services, but in order to ensure smoothness on mainstream mobile phones, high R&D investment is also required.

The future of the intercom industry

The future networking methods and systems will inevitably undergo major changes, mainly presenting two characteristics: First, all-digital networking will replace analog/digital networking, and the combination of digital and analog is always a transitional phase. Second, Android devices will Instead of Linux devices, many solution providers are now starting to stop using Linux solutions, while Android solutions can achieve the same price, stability has been comprehensively improved, let people start to look at the Android solution

In the communication with peers, many people in the industry expressed pessimism about the development of the industry. For example, the impact of smart phones, indoor units have become a rib, but mobile phones have their limitations, such as poor APP quality, poor user experience, mobile phone life Problems, etc., so the industry has not declined, and indoor units are unlikely to be replaced in the short term.



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