Month: September 2019

What does cloud intercom mean?

        In recent years, “cloud intercom” has become a topic that has been widely discussed. So what is “cloud intercom”? Where are they reflected? What kind of experience will be brought to people? I believe that many people want to know, then let's briefly introduce "cloud intercom"

        The cloud intercom is the traditional building intercom promoted to digital intercom, the system can access the cloud channel and the mobile terminal, through the intercom host and mobile terminal, complete the long-distance door opening and elevator long-distance call, picture record, the bottom Visiting and other functions can be used in various locations such as residential unit doors, villas, office buildings, warehouses and factories.

1. The cloud intercom can replace the indoor walkie-talkie with a mobile phone. The visitor can initiate a door opening application to the owner through the door machine. When the owner's mobile phone receives the door opening application, the user can make a visual call with the visitor anytime and anywhere, and the resident can open the unit door remotely.
2. Cloud intercom can realize video call and voice call; when the household network signal is not good or the resident video call is not connected in time, it will automatically switch to voice call. Flexible switching of two-way calls, the first time to solve the problem of visiting.
3. The cloud intercom has been linked with the Ximo elevator control system. The residents can use the mobile phone to open the door and summon the elevator. It can directly avoid the embarrassment of forgetting the door card. The mobile phone is in hand and all the way is unimpeded.
4, cloud intercom wiring is simple, no need to install indoor walkie-talkie, thus reducing maintenance costs.
5, cloud intercom adopts the latest cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, based on cloud data management, simple operation and convenient management.

        As a high-tech enterprise focusing on smart families in smart communities, Ximo Wisdom has deep technical accumulation in cloud intercom, Internet audio and video communication, intelligent hardware, security and artificial intelligence. The following is the Ximo wisdom cloud pair. Tell a few of the products for everyone to understand

7 inch cloud video intercom face recognition access control machine VF710

         Intelligent road gate cloud intercom face recognition access control host VF618

Cloud video intercom host

West ink family barrel

        At present, we have branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Changsha, Weifang, Chongqing and other places, with national service capabilities. The company has the industry-leading mobile Internet-based smart community smart home series products and solutions, the main products mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control, face recognition cloud intercom, community robots, smart home products and cloud platforms; for Vanke, Stars, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, Jinke, Fangyuan, Zhujiang Real Estate, R&F, Shangpu, Weigu and other domestic famous brands provide products and services for many real estate, internet and security companies in Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Based on the business philosophy of “customer first, quality first, serious and hard work”, the company is open and win-win, constantly creating high-quality products, returning customers with quality products, and creating a better community service!

Xi'an Public Security Yanliang Branch Lingyun Road Police Station to build a smart security community


        Recently, in the district of Lingyun Road, Xiliang District, Xi'an, the careful people found an interesting phenomenon. When the owners of the community entered and exited the cell door and the gate, they saw that many people no longer took out the keys and opened the door. The head is stretched, brushed, and the door is opened. Such interesting things have been appearing in more than a dozen communities in the Lingyun Road police station. Only after the masses understand it, it is known that the Lingyun Road police station has continuously improved the quality of life of the people in the area and made it safer. The living environment, under the guidance of the party committee of the Public Security Bureau of Liangliang, carried out the construction of smart community security for 42 communities in the jurisdiction. The project is to use smart technology, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies to create intelligence, technology, comfort and security. The four-dimensional integrated security security community, in order to let the masses of people live with peace of mind, live happily, live comfortably.

        In order to achieve the best results in security construction, the person in charge of the community police and equipment company of Lingyun Road Police Station went to various communities to conduct a return visit survey on the feelings of the residents in the community using smart equipment, and asked in detail what improvements are needed and what good suggestions are available. opinion. The police learned from the interview that the security community construction of the smart community has been well received by the people in the jurisdiction. Everyone feels that life is more convenient, the community is safer, and thanks to the public security organs for their hard work.

(Photo) The police went deep into the Xinyuan Community, Baoan Ziyun Community, Cambridge Residence Community and Fuyuan Building Community of Renmin East Road to investigate the use of smart access control by the masses and demonstrate live demonstrations of the incomprehensible use.

        In order to better carry out the security community security construction in depth, the next step, Lingyun Road Police Station will continue to exert its strength under the strong leadership of the party committee of the branch office, and devote all efforts to comprehensively and comprehensively build the district to establish a physical and intelligent community.

         Shenzhen Ximo Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent communities of smart communities. The company has deep technical accumulation in Internet audio and video communication, intelligent hardware, security, artificial intelligence; the company has industry-leading mobile Internet-based Wisdom Community Smart Home Series products and solutions, the main products mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control, face recognition cloud intercom, community robots, smart home products and cloud platforms; for Vanke, Galaxy, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, Jinke, Fangyuan, Zhujiang Real Estate, R&F, Shangpu, Weigu and other domestic famous brands provide products and services for many real estate, internet and security companies in Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Based on the business philosophy of “customer first, quality first, serious and hard work”, the company is open and win-win, constantly creating high-quality products, returning customers with quality products, and creating a better community service!


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Yan'an University, China Telecom, and ZTE jointly build a new highland for national smart campuses

        Recently, Yan'an University, China Telecom, and ZTE jointly held a "5G+Smart Campus" conference at Yan'an University. This is the first launch of Yan'an 5G and a testimony of the three parties' sincere cooperation. It marks that Yan'an University will ride the 5G speed of light to realize the Internet of Everything. With the advantage of ultra-low latency and high bandwidth, we will open a new smart campus.

        At the press conference, Zhang Jinsuo, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Yan'an University, Yang Weihong, member of the party committee and vice president, Ye Lisheng, party secretary and general manager of China Telecom Shaanxi Branch, Li Yanping, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of China Telecom Shaanxi Company, ZTE Corporation Limited Song Wenzhong, vice president of the company, and Cui Enliang, general manager of ZTE Corporation, ZTE Corporation, and other relevant leaders attended the launching ceremony.

        At present, new technologies and new applications represented by 5G have become the driving force for leading industry innovation, the core engine of smart city and smart campus development. Ye Lisheng, general manager of China Telecom Shaanxi Branch, said that the event aims to jointly explore the application of 5G technology in the education industry and university campuses, and jointly build a national red education benchmark to write a three-party cooperation in production, learning and research in the 5G era. A new chapter in a win-win situation, let 5G give way to the extension and add color to the campus.

        The 5G demonstration area was set up at the conference, and 5G+AR/VR/MR innovative teaching, 5G+ distance learning center, 5G+ campus security, 5G+ smart venue scene and other 5G frontier applications were displayed. More than 200 students and media representatives from Yan'an University and staff experienced 5G related applications such as VR and XR cloud education. On the first floor of the administrative building, students are using the "AR Mirror", "VR Glasses", "UAV" and other products to experience the new changes brought about by 5G technology.

        ZTE uses 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to provide Yanan University with integrated cloud/end-based integration solutions, actively promotes "Internet + education", and adheres to information technology and education. The core concept of deep integration, help the teaching information revolution, empower the smart campus

        With the vision of “serving a better campus life” and the aim of “innovation, quality, technology and service”, Ximo Wisdom is committed to continuous management optimization, customer-centric, high-quality products and continuous innovation. Service to create a better school building.

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"Brush face" to open the door, real-time monitoring, empty nest elderly security warning

        In Hollywood movies, we must have seen the high-tech access control system that “brushed the face” into the door, and now the smart access control system that can also brush the face has been installed in 10 units in the 4 buildings of Shibanxiang Community in Xiacheng District. It is also the pilot project of the first old community in Zhejiang Province.

Wisdom access control method

        When the reporter came to the Shibanxiang community, the resident of the community, Xu Ayi, just went home. In front of the unit, she saw that she had taken out a bunch of keys but opened the door with a circular ornament in the keychain. "This round pendant is our current access card. Sometimes I buy food and go home. I have a lot of things in my hand. It is not convenient to get the keys. I can also directly brush my face." Xu Ayi smiled and showed the reporter. I saw that she clicked on the size of the book on the unit door, and then pointed the face at the camera. After two or three seconds, the door automatically opened. "I usually use the most access control card. If there is any problem or new function, we will ask the master."

        The master of Xu Ayukou, named Xie Yuejin, is 59 years old. He is a community grid member in the Shibanxiang community. He has 10 units of wisdom access in the whole community. He has the right to open. "In addition to swiping and ‘brushing face, there are several ways to open the door,” said Master Xie, who gave the reporter a demonstration.

        First, brush the ID card and the unit door can be opened automatically. When encountering relatives and friends to come to the house, the homeowner only needs to tell the guest in advance to set a temporary opening password on the mobile phone APP. The guest can open the door by selecting the password on the access control and unlocking the password. If you do not know the password, you can also enter the room number directly through the access control system and connect the home phone of the homeowner. Through the operation on the mobile phone, the homeowner can open the door for the guests remotely. In the event of a special situation such as a power outage, the access control system will automatically open the door to prevent the tenants from being locked in the unit.

        When asked if he could open the door directly through the owner’s photo, Master Xie said with a smile and said, “In addition to the camera and the infrared sensor on the access control system, it can sense the temperature. If there is only one photo, of course Do not open the door."

Real-time monitoring can also take care of empty nesters

        In addition to a variety of door opening functions, this smart access control system can also play a monitoring role.

       "Everyone who enters the unit through the door opening system will be recorded by the system, which will provide a good guarantee for the security of the community. For the empty nesters in the community, through the monitoring and recording function of the access control, we are still researching new Early warning mechanism. If the old man does not go out one day, he will receive an early warning. If he does not go out for two days, he will send someone to call back. If he does not go out for three days, the staff will go directly to the door." Master Xie introduced.

        Before the Dragon Boat Festival, there was another actual drill for the early warning system of the empty nest. Master Xie told reporters that Zhu Dabo, who lives in Unit 3, did not go out on weekdays. According to the feedback from the system that he had not gone out for three days, the staff found that no one was at home. After learning the situation, according to the information of the retirees of the community, Zhu Dabo was hospitalized in the Red Cross Hospital due to lumbar problems.

        “When the community staff went to the hospital to visit Zhu Dabo, he was surprised. I didn’t expect that we learned about his hospitalization so quickly, and I was very touched when I visited the house,” said Master Xie.

More intelligent features weaving security network

         There are 4 houses in Shibanxiang Community, which were built in 1979, 1980 and 1982 respectively. It is a veritable senior community. Although it is a community, because it is an open building, before the use of smart access control, the security of the community has been receiving much attention.

        “For the safety of the community, we started planning in 2015. In 2017, during the process of leading the street leaders to Beijing to study the “Pingan Community”, we first came into contact with the system of “Watching the Field”. It requires 100% of the household personnel information collection, and such collection is just suitable for small communities such as Shibanxiang Community.” Chen Bin, secretary of Xiaotianyi Community, introduced.

         Chen Bin said that the current 204 household information in the community has all been registered, and the access control system was also launched at the end of April. According to the specific use of the smart access control system, in addition to the early warning function for the empty nest elderly, a series of practical new functions will be launched. For example, the floating population is collected. According to statistics, about 20% of the residents in Shibanxiang Community are renters, and the smart access control system will also effectively manage renters.

       Shenzhen Thinmoo Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in smart communities, smart families, the company has deep technical accumulation in Internet audio and video communications, intelligent hardware, security, artificial intelligence; in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Changsha, Weifang, Chongqing and other places have branches and offices, with national service capabilities. The company has the industry-leading mobile Internet-based smart community smart home series products and solutions, the main products mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control, face recognition cloud intercom, community robots, smart home products and cloud platforms; for Vanke, Stars, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, Jinke, Fangyuan, Zhujiang Real Estate, R&F, Shangpu, Weigu and other domestic famous brands provide products and services for many real estate, internet and security companies in Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Based on the business philosophy of “customer first, quality first, serious and hard work”, the company is open and win-win, constantly creating high-quality products, returning customers with quality products, and creating a better community service!

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Shandong Smart Campus will cover 10,000 schools in 2022

        On the morning of September 25th, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education held a news briefing on the education informationization work of Shandong Province to interpret the Shandong Education Informationization 2.0 Action Plan (2019-2022). Advance education informatization 2.0, Shandong will take eight major actions.

Breaking the "educational assembly line", education informationization into the classroom

        The main goal of the Shandong Education Informatization 2.0 initiative is to conduct large-scale education in accordance with the aptitude and provide “appropriate” education for each child.

        At the press conference on the 25th, the relevant person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education introduced that the traditional class-based education model is a matter of the last 300 years, which is the result of adapting to the development of industrial civilization and is suitable for large-scale manufacturing or assembly line production. Produced as needed. The current society has entered the information age, and Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing have become the labels of this era.

       According to reports, limited by various educational resources, such as limited teacher resources, such as limited school buildings, making it impossible to carry out large-scale teaching in accordance with the traditional education mode. However, under the blessing of information technology such as big, intellectual, physical, cloud and mobile. Through technology empowerment education, smart classrooms based on information technology and mobile learning terminals have made it possible to teach students on a large-scale basis and have the basic conditions for popularization.

        Education Informationization 2.0 will actively embrace classroom teaching, integrate information technology into all links of teaching, learning, research, measurement, evaluation and management, continuously innovate educational teaching concepts, reorganize educational resources, reshape teaching processes, and reconstruct classroom ecology. Reconstruct teaching evaluation and let information technology truly have a revolutionary impact on education and teaching. Education informatization should enter the main battlefield of classroom teaching, develop smart classroom applications, and solve educational and teaching problems.

        Shandong will be guided by the establishment of a national-level smart education demonstration zone in Qingdao. In 2020, the province will strive to build 10 smart education demonstration zones and 130 smart education demonstration schools (100 primary and secondary schools, 20 secondary vocational schools, and higher education institutions). 10)). Promote the construction of smart campuses in the province through typical guiding and demonstration actions. In 2022, the province will have a smart campus coverage rate of 80%, benefiting 10,000 schools, and building a smart education environment that supports personalized teaching.

For teachers and students to reduce burden, Shandong will develop adaptive learning system

        At the news briefing, Wang Shuqin, director of the Shandong Electro-chemical Education Center, introduced that Education Informatization 2.0 will emphasize the application of technology. Shandong will focus on the two educational pain points of homework and exams, making full use of artificial intelligence and big data technology to develop and mature. Reliable adaptive learning system, standard with teachers and students across the province.

        In the future, this adaptive learning system will become the teacher's “teaching reference book” and the student's “teaching aids”, which intelligently match the teaching characteristics of each teacher and the learning situation of each student.

        "This system will minimize the workload of teachers and students, so that teachers have more energy to invest in teaching innovation, reflecting the advantages of educational technology." Wang Shuqin introduced that adaptive learning system should provide support for personalized teaching, creating Personalized teaching environment. On the basis of completing the construction and application of the adaptive learning system, it will gradually expand and expand to other education and teaching links such as teaching, learning, research, evaluation, and management.

        Wisdom education should build a smart campus, smart classroom, then what is the standard? According to the introduction, Shandong will carefully create the "Smart Classroom Application Guide" and "Smart Campus Construction Guide". "Smart Classroom Application Guide" entrusted "Shandong Province Smart Class Application Practice Community" (one of the six national-level smart classroom application practice communities named by the Ministry of Education) is responsible for drafting and formulation. The current work is nearing completion and will be on October 12th in Qingdao. The "2019 International Education Informatization Conference" was officially released. The drafting and formulation of the "Smart Campus Construction Guide" has also been launched and is expected to be officially released in the first half of 2020 to guide the construction of smart campuses across the province.

The school provides teaching resources, and students must prepare learning terminals.

        To build a smart classroom, for students, the intelligent learning terminal will be the student's "book" and "pencil". The problem of the intelligent learning terminal is also introduced by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education.

        According to reports, in the construction of smart classrooms, the teaching platform and digital resources related to the smart classroom should generally be provided by the school. The mobile learning terminal is a learning tool that the school carries out smart classroom teaching and requires students to use it in a unified manner. It cannot simply wait for the ordinary student mobile phone and tablet computer, and should allow students to bring into the classroom. However, mobile learning terminals as personal learning tools should be purchased by students and parents like books and pencils.

        According to reports, in the process of building a smart classroom, Shandong also encourages qualified districts and schools to adopt a mode of fund sharing or government subsidies to reduce the financial burden on students and parents. At the same time, we must have a complete work plan to ensure that students who have not purchased a mobile learning terminal can also attend classes normally.

Shandong will build Qilu Education Online Platform

      The Shandong Education Informationization 2.0 Action Plan (2019-2011) is the top-level design and master plan for the education informationization work in Shandong Province in the next three to five years.

        According to the plan, Shandong will build Qilu Education Online Platform. According to the introduction, the construction of Qilu Education Online Platform will use Internet technology to synthesize the classroom application model, and integrate the courier classroom, the teacher classroom, the famous school network classroom, the live classroom, and the on-demand classroom. Multiple application modes such as double-teacher class and synchronous teaching and research. Launch online education networking project, implement online education and support intelligence, and create a lifelong education service system. We will channel quality education resources to areas with weak teachers and schools, and focus on solving the differences between regions, between urban and rural areas, and between schools to help balance education.

         In addition, Shandong will also carry out the platform matrix construction action, build the Shandong Education Big Data Platform, and realize the interconnection and data sharing of the provincial, city and county platforms.

                                                                                                                      From: Qilu Evening News

Sichuan Guang'an Public Security uses face recognition and big data to explore the construction of smart communities

         In order to strengthen social control, further deepen social governance, learn "Fengqiao-style police station" and create "Maple Bridge-type police station." Recently, the first intelligent community system in Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, was put into operation first in the Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community in the Guangfu Police Station.

         It is understood that in the work of creating the "Fengqiao-type public security police station", Guangfu Police Station of Guang'an Public Security Bureau of Guang'an City Public Security Bureau focused on the goal of "contradictions are not turned in, peace is not going wrong, services are not lacking", and it is actively related to the construction of smart communities. The company contacted and explored the smart community construction plan and decided to take the lead in the Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community. Through consultation with the property management, industry committee and related enterprises, the construction system of public security, community promotion, community cooperation, enterprise investment, residents sharing, and social co-government has been formed. The relevant enterprises have invested more than 80,000 yuan in Dongyang Binjiang Li. The Jing Community builds a smart system and recovers costs and profits by advertising in the community to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

         It is reported that Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community has only one gate and one back door, and there is also an underground garage with a population of more than 3,500. By installing the face recognition access control device on the front and rear doors, the face is swiped into the door, and the face capture machine is installed in the access passage to realize the face capture comparison, preventing the non-local personnel from following the door to prevent the actual security level of the community.

         At the same time, the property management company can realize the early warning of the empty nest elderly who have not entered the record for a long time in the community through the inbound and outbound big data analysis, so as to timely arrange the staff to go to the door to understand the situation and effectively improve the community management service level.

         Wang Yafei, director of Guangfu Police Station of Guang'an District Public Security Bureau, said: "Since the Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community smart system has been put into use, there has been no disputes, no incidents, no petitions in the community." Data access to the public security background can also be achieved. The timely warning of key personnel will facilitate the first time for the police station to carry out work and effectively improve the level of public security prevention and control.

                                                                                                                                From: People's Network

Smart city theory changes to practice, smart community construction and development opportunities


       With the rapid development and in-depth application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data, smart cities have evolved from theoretical concepts to practice. At the same time, the advent of the 5G technology era not only speeds up the speed of the network, but also brings all the terminals into the network, realizing the state of the Internet of Everything, providing more possibilities for future urban life. After years of development, the city has also entered a new stage of smart city characterized by intelligent and refined governance from the early stage of intelligence.

       Since the launch of the 5G license, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other places have issued 5G action plans or planning plans. Smart cities have become one of the most popular projects. Local governments at all levels will also build smart city benchmark applications as an important part of their work. As an important part of smart cities, smart communities have become a highlight of the pilot project. With the commercialization of 5G technology, the smart community will be inserted into the wing and usher in a key period of development.

Policy orientation of smart cities

        First, national policies actively promote the establishment of smart cities and smart communities. The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening and Improving Urban and Rural Community Governance proposes to promote the construction of smart community information systems in accordance with the classification of new smart city construction, actively develop smart community mobile clients, and realize multi-platform interaction of service projects, resources and information. Synchronize with multiple terminals.

        In the "Beijing 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" released at the beginning of this year, Beijing clearly included the smart city into one of the first five 5G typical scene demonstration applications, and proposed that 5G technology should be in smart communities, smart homes, etc. field.

        As the first pilot cities of the three major operators, Shanghai recently issued the "Opinions of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Accelerating the Construction and Application of Shanghai 5G Network." According to media reports, Shanghai has jointly developed 5G smart cities and community projects with China Unicom and China Telecom.

        Qingdao City has proposed the “Digital Community Action Plan” in the Digital Qingdao Development Plan (2019-2023). By 2020, 10 digital community demonstration sites and 5 smart neighborhoods will be built. By 2023, 30 digital community demonstration sites will be built. Qingdao should realize the intelligent upgrading and upgrading of community equipment and facilities, and establish a community integrated management system, family digital archives, and digital community-aware information sharing platform.

        Faced with the huge mass application market of smart cities and smart communities, we cannot ignore the importance of R&D. We must not forget the key to technological innovation, especially the breakthrough of IoT technology led by 5G and artificial intelligence. The innovative development of smart cities provides a broad stage and world for the Internet of Things. From the infrastructure construction of the city to the intelligent application of various industries, it is inseparable from the Internet of Things as a support, the lifeline of the city and the creation of the urban brain, and the Internet of Things. New technologies will play a huge role in the construction of smart cities.

         Today, the construction of smart cities in China has entered a period of rational exploration and innovation. The transformation of people's livelihood services and urban governance structure has become the two core concerns of smart cities in China. Integrate 5G+AICDE capability, build a new generation smart park based on 5G+MEC+ indoor products through research and development of intelligent urban super brain platform, rely on 5G+ intelligent perception to realize intelligent security and promote smart community construction.

        From the system service function, the smart community is divided into an information service system, a property management system and a security system. For residents, it is more important to see whether the smart community can provide safe, convenient and comfortable living environment and services.



Internet of Things era, smart community access control

      The rapid development of modern information technology, especially network application technology, software and hardware application development technology has made great progress, Internet +, Internet of Things, cloud computing, a new generation of big data technology should be born. The Internet has evolved toward intelligence and the concept of smart cities and smart communities has been proposed and implemented. Smart communities use information technology as a means of achieving modern management of the community.

      As a new model, all wisdom is based on the happiness and happiness of the residents. The community access control system, along with the wisdom of the community, also changes the community visitor system.

      The smart community access control system is the starting point of the smart community. Everything is based on the happiness of the community, making the community safer and more convenient for the owners. Wisdom in the overall development, smart buildings, smart homes, have a strong impact on the development of community intelligence. Intelligence has penetrated into every aspect of residents' lives. With the continuous improvement of the face recognition algorithm, the accuracy and speed of face recognition are also constantly improving. The face recognition access control technology has been applied efficiently and stably in the community access control system.

       The face recognition access control system is composed of a front-end video collector, a back-end video processing server system and a real-time image display system. The access control system has gone through three stages of development. The first stage, the mechanical age, the old mechanical lock, depends on the manager using the key to open and lock it.

   Whether it is to keep the key, or the switch lock is laborious, the workload is large, and the safety performance is low. In the second stage, in the electronic age, the rapid spread of electronic code locks solved many of the shortcomings of mechanical locks to some extent, but these shortcomings were exposed with the development of time and technology. Some cards are easy to copy. These cards can be borrowed and cannot correspond to themselves. The third stage is the era of wisdom recognition, such as iris, fingerprint, face recognition and so on. Face recognition access control systems have significant advantages over other systems.

        Ximo Wisdom uses face recognition technology, video surveillance, access control, alarm output, and video output to coordinate with each other to achieve humanized and intelligent management of school buildings, and solve problems such as community access, personnel management, security, and convenience for owners. Provide a new way of thinking for community safety management.

5G Wisdom Campus Landed in Deep Vocational College, Promoting Education Reform and Innovation

        The first 5G smart campus in Shenzhen was born! The launching ceremony of the 5G Smart Campus Demonstration Application was held in Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as “Deep Vocational College”), which helps to promote the education reform and innovation of the school by using high-quality 5G network.

        At the launching ceremony, the Deep Vocational College comprehensively used computer vision technology and virtual reality technology to “build” a virtual Chinese medicine electronic specimen museum on the Grand Canal Plaza of Xilihu Campus, and the entire demonstration process used 5G live broadcast. Realizing the synchronization of different places, let the guests and the audience at the main venue of the Liuxiandong campus feel the projection effect of virtual reality in real time.

        At present, the 5G network signal has covered some areas of the deep vocational college, and the 5G+VR/AR immersion teaching and 5G+ remote live teaching demonstration application have been basically completed.

        Jia Xingdong, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony, saying that Shenzhen is grasping the opportunities brought by 5G technology, promoting the perception of everything, the interconnection of everything, the intelligence of everything, and making the city smarter and smarter. The leader of the school and the 5G Wisdom Campus Demonstration Application Project of the Shenzhen Vocational College will be officially launched, which will surely provide strong technical support for the construction of world-class vocational colleges with Chinese characteristics.

        It is reported that in the 5G demonstration application, the deep vocational college will promote the application of 5G+VR/AR immersive and interactive teaching platform, develop more application platforms such as 5G+ car networking, and apply for 5G-based intelligent vocational education at the provincial and national levels. Engineering laboratory to strengthen application innovation.

        In addition, Ximo Smart successfully implements smart campus applications using technologies such as big data, cloud platforms, Internet of Things, and 5G. Using infrared detection, face recognition technology, video surveillance, access control, alarm output, and video output to coordinate with each other, and realize the humanization and intelligence of the school building, and solve the problem of students entering and leaving the dormitory, checking the bed, verifying the identity, Attendance, personal and property safety and other issues.

The difference between the management of smart communities and traditional communities

       The community is the home of our lives. A safe and comfortable environment will also make people happy. With the development of the Internet, there are many hidden dangers and deficiencies in the traditional community. The smart community should be born in the market and bring more to the community lifestyle. convenient. Ximo Wisdom focuses on high-tech enterprises in the smart community smart home, using big data, cloud services, Internet of Things and other technologies to improve the community environment; its mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control, face recognition cloud intercom, community robot, intelligence Home products and cloud platforms; to create a better community!

Scene 1: Access Control System

       Traditional community: using traditional magnetic cards, you can't get in without a belt; using a password lock is not safe; visitors come and go downstairs, too much trouble.

       Wisdom Community: Realize IC card, QR code, brush face, fingerprint, ID card and other ways to open the door, convenient and convenient, self-service visitor management, booking owner, remote or self-service door, safe and convenient.

    The smart access to the community access control system is the entrance to the smart community. Everything is based on the happiness of the community, making the community safer and more convenient for the owners.

Scene 2: Intelligent parking system

 Traditional community: There is no access to foreign vehicles, free access to the community, unsafe; there are channels to enter the community, you need to brush out the card to enter the community, inconvenient.

Smart Community: The owner of the car drives home, automatically detects the community registration vehicle, the car slowly rises, and the smart terminal tells the family to return home information, which is safe and convenient.

Scenario 3: Equipment Maintenance

Traditional community: household faucet failure or sewer blockage, generally looking for maintenance personnel in the small advertisements in the corridor, to inquire.

Wisdom Community: Found that the home equipment is faulty, the mobile phone photo uploads a key repair, the property personnel receive the information, send professionals to repair, convenient and reliable.

Scenario 4: Community buy

Traditional communities: Vegetables and fruits can be bought at the fruit market downstairs. The choice takes time, the variety of goods is small, and shopping has limitations.

Smart Community: We can buy quality ingredients, fruits, vegetables and daily necessities at a lower price. There are a variety of goods, goods are complete, you can save shopping time. Price and quality can be balanced and cost-effective through centralized pre-sales and re-delivery from the origin or local warehouse.

Scenario 5: Community Security

Traditional communities: The news of burglary in the old community hardly causes too much turmoil, because burglary often occurs in the community and poses a threat to the safety of residents.

Smart Community: Smart cameras can be used to intelligently identify suspicious people and suspicious behavior. After identification, the smart camera can automatically alert the community security monitoring room. The smart camera automatically alerts you when a hazard occurs. Fast and efficient emergency work can also reduce the safety of community security personnel and save labor costs. Review the source of the community and strengthen the upgrading of the community security system.

Scenario 6: Community pension

Traditional communities: As the number of elderly people in China continues to increase, so does the demand for aged services. Elders have emergencies at home or in the community, such as no one at home, there is danger.

Wisdom community: The elderly have sudden situations, one-click alarm, property personnel to monitor and monitor the scene image, and the first time service personnel arrive at the scene to implement assistance.

The construction of smart communities and the collaborative cooperation of properties are inseparable, and the realization of property services also needs the support of smart community platforms. Ximo Wisdom provides the property company with a smart property management platform based on mobile internet, seamlessly linking property management and community owners, improving management efficiency, reducing costs, improving service quality and owner experience; through community entrances and exits, public area monitoring, unit door face Self-checking access control and other intelligent front-ends form a three-dimensional security control system, and build three lines of defense for AI+ big data, so that people can stay in the image and stay in the car, not only provide comprehensive monitoring and control for community security, but also collect data. It can provide preconditions for the public security department to carry out inspection and control and other related businesses. The intelligent security hardware (car park, access control, visitor management elevator access control) and smart home hardware and wearable (second stage) controlled by APP create an intelligent hardware mobile management platform, making APP an indispensable part of the main life. .



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