With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the floating population is increasing. According to the data, in 2016 China's floating population reached 247 million, meaning that one out of every six people is a floating population.

        The access control intelligent management system can realize the precise management of the access rights of the floating population by means of the intelligent mechanisms such as the “privilege management and control mechanism”, the “linked alarm mechanism” and the “community data analysis mechanism”, and build a large population database to improve the management efficiency and community of the management. Safety level.

        Brush the ID card and the unit door will open automatically. When the visitor arrives at home, the homeowner only needs to tell the guest to open the door code in advance, and the guest can open the door by entering the password on the door. If you don't know the password, you will enter the room number on the access control system, connect the homeowner's mobile phone, and the homeowner will open the door for the guest on the APP. In the event of a special situation such as a power outage, the access control system will automatically open the door to prevent the tenants from being locked in the unit.

        Wisdom access control has the function of monitoring in addition to being able to open the door. All people who enter the unit through the smart access control system will be recorded. For the empty nesters in the community, the access control system will pay special attention. If the empty nester does not go out one day, the smart access control system will issue an early warning; if it does not go out for two or three days, the staff will go directly to the door.

        Promote news online and build a harmonious community. The property can use the back-end online to notify the designated tenants, the community to pay the payment, water and power outages and other notification information, in case of typhoon and other emergencies can also send reminders to everyone, to establish a closer and harmonious community relationship for the tenants and management .

        The call for building a smart city is getting higher and higher, and managing the floating population is also an unavoidable problem. Taking smart access control as the entry point and using mobile phone technology as the core, helping the community to manage the floating population efficiently and safely is conducive to the construction of smart cities.



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