What is the West India Smart Community? Thinmoo Smart Community refers to the integrated application of next-generation information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and mobile Internet, providing a safe, warm and convenient modern and intelligent living environment for community residents, thus forming information-based and intelligent A new management form of community management and service.

        From the concept of the Thinmoo Smart Community, we can see that the Thinmoo Smart Community should be a safe community and provide sufficient security for the residents of the community. The Thinmoo Smart Community should be a working community with residents in this community. The Thinmoo Smart Community should be a Concord community. The residents and the property can get along with each other. The residents can get a good sense of happiness through the efficient response of the property, and the property will receive a better benefit and reward. The Thinmoo Smart Community should be a The intelligent community integrates the needs of the property and the owners through science and technology, standardization and intelligence to save costs and improve efficiency.

        The Thinmoo Smart Community is a new concept of community management and a new way of social management innovation under the new situation. The Thinmoo Smart Community not only refers to smart home, but also includes smart access control, smart parking, smart medical care and smart pension. Many aspects.

       1. Wisdom access control. Wisdom access control refers not only to the access control of residents' residences, but also to the access control of the entire community. The traditional way of access control is very clear. It is common to open the door by swiping the card. The Western Ink Wisdom access control is to apply face recognition technology and brush the mobile phone to enter the community. If the camera captures the strange face into the community, it will respond to the property in real time and do the corresponding Logout and record.

       2. Smart medical care. Medical well-being is a very important aspect of residents. As a result, many residents have taken the hospital as an important reference for buying a house. The community can also establish a corresponding way in this regard. In a simple way, it is in the community. Establishing a medical house, through various high-tech integration, can automatically detect many human indicators of the residents and give professional advice.

       3. Wisdom for the elderly. Smart retirement is a warm service for the elderly in the community. It is used in the home. It is mainly through various sensors to stop the perception, and then through the IoT card to stop transmission, assisting the family to understand the situation of the elderly in real time. For example, if an old man falls at home, the safety sensor in the air will sense the abnormality and immediately notify the corresponding medical staff and relatives of the elderly through the Internet of Things.

       4. Smart parking. How to make parking more convenient for users is the main problem of intelligent parking demand disposal. Intelligent parking is the application of Internet of Things, mobile payment and other technologies to optimize the parking process; further improve the efficiency of toll collectors, real-time control of parking parking data, real-time charging statistics It facilitates the supervision of the charging staff and provides data to the platform; through the Internet of Things to complete the offline parking lot resource sharing, improve the parking lot application rate and user convenience.

       The establishment of a smart community is inextricably linked to the Internet of Things. The West India Smart Platform is a professional IoT management platform that supports the establishment of a smart community.

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