Smart access control system facilitates the community

       With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to information security, property security, and personal safety. With the rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence, the community access control system has also been upgraded, the smart access control system has entered the people's field of vision, and smart community services are underway.

       The design principle of access control identification technology for smart communities is humanized. The human system is the main body. The system design should closely surround the actual needs of people. It should be based on the principles of practicality, simplicity, economy and safety, and at the same time take care of the needs of different groups of people and meet the needs of users. Features. Since the smart community access control has no extension, there is no large amount of wiring, and the maintenance cost is less than 20% of the traditional access control. Smart access control manufacturers can maintain access control for life, and the property saves trouble.

       The face recognition access control system is based on the face recognition device. It is no longer necessary for people to carry cards to avoid the trouble of forgetting or losing the cards. Only people need to stand in front of the device to scan facial features, and the system will automatically and background information. Compare and quickly and accurately make the results of the release, the operation is simple and the community looks more high-end, more technical. Simply put, the following are the following:

        1, convenient for owners to open the door
       After the smart access control, the owner can use the mobile phone to open the door, and no longer need to take the access card at all times.
        2, convenient for visitors to pass
       The owner can forward the QR code pass to the visitor and the visitor can use the QR code pass to self-service.
        3, higher security
       Intelligent access control can also query the log in and out, facilitate property management, and improve security.
        4. Reduce the workload of the property
       The property management can carry out access control and log-in query in the background of the web, and can also establish the entry and exit personnel data repository. The addition of intelligent technology simplifies the process of property management and reduces the workload. 

       Through the control of access and control, the intelligent community access control, according to clustering, group opening and other factors, the property can safely control pyramid schemes, gambling and other activities in the community, and the illegal elements do not dare to rent rental houses with electronic access control system, the community is more secure and reliable .

       When illegal intrusion, access control is broken, etc., the system will send real-time alarm information to the property management center computer, so that the vandals are invisible.

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