What core technologies are used in smart city construction

       Smart cities are the direction of the development of the international community. Although various countries have various types of positioning, they cannot be separated from these core technologies. This is also the standard for judging the smart cities in today's society. The scale of implementation is huge, and the human, material, and financial resources required are unimaginable. It is the direction and course of people's struggle in the next 10 years. Smart cities will make people's lives better.

Smart City core technologies required: < / strong>

1. Internet of Things technology:
The Internet of Things is the Internet of Things. Through information sensing equipment, according to the agreed protocol, any item is connected to the Internet for information exchange and communication, in order to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and monitoring of items. A network of management.

2. Cloud computing Technology:
Cloud computing is an Internet-based service Adding, using, and delivering models usually involves providing dynamically scalable, often virtualized, resources over the Internet.

3. Augmented reality technology:
It is also called mixed reality. It uses computer technology to apply virtual information to the real world. The real environment and virtual objects are superimposed on the same screen or space in real time.

4. Spatial Information Grid Technology:
It is a spatial information infrastructure that aggregates and shares geographically distributed massive spatial information resources, organizes and processes them in an integrated manner, and has on-demand services, powerful spatial data management capabilities and information processing capabilities.

5. Data fusion technology:
Refers to information processing technology that uses a computer to automatically analyze and synthesize certain observation information obtained in time series under certain criteria to complete the required decision-making and evaluation tasks.


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