Face recognition access control equipment

Face recognition The application of technology is becoming more and more widespread, especially in the access control system. It can be said that it is in full swing, then the current access control system generally needs to add face recognition function. ? Just share it today, I hope to help everyone.

       Face recognition access control system is a high technology for verifying digital images or video frames from face recognition equipment. Face recognition will analyze the features of face image input through a video door intercom with face recognition function. Face recognition measures the entire facial structure, including the distance between eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The following is one of the products widely used by Shenzhen Ximex Wisdom:


        Product model: Thinmoo VF618


         product feature  

  • Diversified face entry: App, face device, photo batch import, USB camera capture, U disk import, etc., easy to enter and export
  • Made of precision, the equipment is waterproof and dustproof up to IP54
  • Using 2 million high-definition wide dynamic camera, it can quickly and accurately capture face information for verification comparison
  • Fast face recognition, technology blessing, perfect performance without networking
  • Diversified unlocking: mobile phone unlock / face recognition unlock / optional QR code unlock / property tube unlock
  • ID card unlock / compatible password swipe / phone unlock
  • Live detection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting
  • Rich information dissemination, text pictures video can be issued
  • Remote cloud operation, synchronous update, view device status information
  • Security capture: video information collection and warning for incoming and outgoing personnel

           Product parameters:

  • Work Mode: Network, Offline | Operating System: Android
  • Resolution: 1920 * 1080 | Display: 7 inches | Expandable storage: 32G
  • Operation mode: touch screen | Network connection: Ethernet, WiFi, RS485, 4G
  • Working voltage: DC12V wide voltage ± 10% | recognition time: less than 200ms
  • Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ | Operating humidity: 10% ~ 95%
  • Input interface: door open button, tamper resistance, door sensor, alarm, etc.
  • Product size: 255 * 150 * 26


           Installation method:




Product application scenarios:

        It is suitable for offices, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public services and management projects that require face access control.

       Shenzhen Ximo Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on smart communities and smart homes. The company has deep technical accumulation in Internet audio and video communications, intelligent hardware, security, and artificial intelligence; the company has industry-leading mobile Internet-based Smart community smart home series products and solutions, the main products are mobile phone Bluetooth two-dimensional code cloud access control, face recognition cloud intercom, community robots, smart home and other products and cloud platforms; the company is based on customer first, quality first, and pragmatic The business philosophy of hard work, openness and win-win situation, constantly making quality products, returning customers with quality products, and serving a better community!

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