Smart communities make residents ’lives“ technical ”

What kind of community do you want to live in?

       The affairs of the community and surrounding areas can be seen at a glance as long as the mobile phone is turned on; you can enjoy high-quality and convenient property services without leaving the house to meet almost all life needs ...

       Real smart life not only exists in the family, but not only from the entire city. Smart communities are also an important part of it. In recent years, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, more and more people are integrating artificial intelligence with smart communities and exploring new forms of smart communities.

       The smart community is slowly becoming more realistic from an idea, and constantly improving the quality of our living.

Currently, Smart Community is using artificial intelligence technology , Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation of communication technology integration applications, to provide community residents with a safe, comfortable, convenient modern, intelligent living environment, thereby forming an information-based, intelligent society A new form of management.

       Urbanization is an important driving force for the construction of smart communities. Authoritative data show that more than half of China's population currently lives in cities, and this number is still growing rapidly. By 2030, China is expected to have about 1 billion people living in cities, accounting for 70% of the total population. To enhance the sense of happiness and happiness of residents in science and technology, the "smart community" will undoubtedly become an inevitable choice.

       With the further improvement of artificial intelligence technology and applications, with the help of "Internet +" Dongfeng, the creation of smart communities has been in the ascendant in recent years, whether it is direct stakeholders such as real estate developers and property, or intelligent hardware, Internet companies, traditional retail, Financial, service and other external service-oriented institutions are all trying to find a place to rush for industry development opportunities.

       How to let the community where we live take the free ride of artificial intelligence to better improve the quality of life of residents is a key issue that many market players must consider. As a smart community solution provider, all real estate properties and intelligent technology companies deeply cultivating communities can not only greatly improve the quality of residential projects, but also enhance the brand image of developers, while providing the highest quality and intelligent services to residents It can also allow developers to form differentiated competition and greatly reduce operating costs. This is a win-win situation for developers, residents and technology companies.

       Even if the advanced scientific research technology is not applied in practice, I am afraid it will be discounted. How to base on user thinking and apply technology to every aspect of the construction of an intelligent community is a key issue that all property managers should think about. Smart access control systems, smart vehicle management systems, smart community public spaces, smart financial services, smart member services, smart integrated systems ... let efficient communication and interaction be established between various systems in a decentralized community, with multiple terminals acquiring and evaluating the community in real time The status of each system realizes intelligent decision-making and actions of property management. In this way, owners, businesses, energy, property, vehicles, etc.智慧社区系统管理中获益。

       Imagine if the stranger enters the owner's home, the system will promptly remind you, and at the same time, you can remotely observe the indoor situation, and the property can be notified by one-click on the phone or the alarm to avoid property damage. Is it more convenient and intelligent? In fact, this is just one detail in the smart community. Let residents get more sense of science and technology from smart communities. This is the people-oriented concept and the unremitting pursuit of enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually being instrumentalized, but its future direction should be to become human The extension and enhancement of our own abilities has become a trustworthy and indispensable assistant for human beings.

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