What are the practical issues that smart communities need to solve

"Smart community" is one of the hottest concepts. "Smart community" is a detailed sub-industry and an important part of smart cities. Compared to smart cities, "smart communities" have a much smaller volume, but Although sparrows are small and complete, big smart cities have just as many small smart communities.

        Recently, the "smart community" is one of the hottest concepts. The "smart community" is a detailed sub-industry and an important part of the smart city. Compared to the smart city, the "smart community" is much smaller However, although the sparrow is small enough, the big smart city has the same as a small smart community. For example, front-end cameras, back-end platforms, data storage, face recognition, vehicle recognition, big data collision, Internet of Things, smart buildings, mobile APP, etc., make full use of the integration of new-generation information technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile Internet The application provides a safe, comfortable, convenient, modern and intelligent living environment for the residents of the community, thereby forming a new community form based on informationization, intelligent management and services, and sustainable operation. As smart communities develop and land, they also face the following difficulties that need to be addressed:


The most typical feature of a smart community is the integration of AI technology into daily life. Among them, the face recognition quick-pass door product compares people who enter the community with the collected facial feature information of the residents to avoid the phenomenon of strangers trailing. To ensure the safety of residents; at the same time, residents do not need to carry an access card, "brush face" can quickly pass, the accuracy rate of face recognition is 99.5%, the recognition time is only 0.2 seconds.

2. Efficient

(1) Create value for the property:

Reduce property management costs: save manpower, save the cost of property notice announcements, and improve the "timeliness" and "coverage" of notice announcements.

Realizing the value-added income of the property: the mobile terminal and equipment side can bring value-added operating income.

Elevator robot intelligent traffic: Realize the robot to take the elevator vertically. The property has highlights and selling points.

(2) Create value for real estate developers

Landing of " Smart Community " to enhance the property Added value; simple construction of cloud devices in smart communities, low maintenance costs, and cost savings; smart living services in smart communities help developers enter the "real estate aftermarket" operation, and provide community owners with a comprehensive, online and offline integration Business circle service platform.

(3) Create value for the government

More scientific property management to reduce social conflicts; massive data collection in communities to help build smart cities; user behavior can be accurately analyzed and excavated to improve social productivity.

3. Convenient

In terms of property management, fully utilize the core technologies of the Internet, the Internet of Things, and big data to realize the intelligent management of the community cloud platform, and easily realize the many functions of daily management of property companies; and on the basis of meeting the daily management of properties, expand the value-added operation tools and The model covers many functions and models such as surrounding business districts, convenience services, community activities, face-opening, and healthy retirement. It provides residents with a more convenient and preferential community environment. Therefore, in a smart community, it is the core work of property management to create a high-quality and good living space for the owner. A safe and comfortable community environment, effective and fast interactive communication response, timely provision of life support services, reasonable cost control and the community Diversified revenues are the content that the community urgently needs to optimize and develop.

In addition, the artificial intelligence access control system combines IoT technology with the Internet, Supporting the use of hardware, R & D has designed a set of intelligent systems that specifically address issues such as high community investment and development costs, difficult property maintenance, unrenewable information, and potential security risks. The system innovatively changes the way of communication between the property and the owner, improves the service level of the property, and realizes the value-added service operation of the community.

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