1. More Internet companies will participate in the construction of smart cities
With the Smart City construction model With the rapid transformation, more Internet companies will be more actively involved in the construction of smart cities. Internet companies led by Ali and Baidu will use industry applications and cloud computing as entry points to promote the construction of smart cities through open cooperation models. At the same time, the national level will promote the healthy and orderly development of smart cities through various models such as fiscal reform, service purchase and government guidance. At present, China's smart city construction is characterized by cooperation over competition. The construction of a smart city is a very large project, which involves multiple levels. It requires the cooperation of various manufacturers in the ecosystem to make a good smart city, and the innovation of the construction model needs to promote the evolution of the ecosystem. Therefore, with the joint promotion of the government and the market, the smart city construction model will inevitably change rapidly in the next few years, which will help promote China's new urbanization development process.

2.Big data discovery will enhance the smart city experience

Many new technologies with industry characteristics are integrated into the construction of smart city . 2018 is the first year of 5G. The 5G mobile high-speed experience has laid a good foundation for the application and promotion of smart cities; IDC construction was originally the underlying cornerstone of smart city construction. With the gradual maturity of cloud technology, the construction of smart city data centers everywhere The concept of cloud computing has been added. Through the cloudization construction of data centers, the support capacity of massive data in data centers has been greatly enhanced. In addition, some members of the smart city industry chain, such as IBM, Alibaba, and Yinjiang, have begun to increase investment in big data, while also using smart city platforms as a source of big data acquisition. It is expected that in 2019, in the construction of integrated smart city platforms, there will be a significant increase in the number of successful cases in realizing smart city experience improvement and commercial realization through methods such as big data mining.

3.People's livelihood service platform promotes equalization of basic public services

         The National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Implementation of the Information Benefit Project”. The notice pointed out that the focus of the implementation of the information benefit project is to solve the outstanding problems in nine areas such as social security, medical care and education; in implementing the information benefit project, localities should pay attention to the integration of resources and gradually realize public service matters and social information services. Coverage of the entire population, 24/7 acceptance and "one-stop" handling. The National Development and Reform Commission announced a list of national pilot cities that benefit the people, with a total of 80 cities nationwide. Twelve departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, aim to accelerate the improvement of public service levels and equal inclusiveness through pilot cities, explore information technology to optimize the allocation of public resources, and innovate new mechanisms and new models of social management and public services. It is expected that in 2019, people's livelihood-based service platforms will emerge rapidly across China, and will be combined with the government's government affairs cloud construction, tailored to local conditions, and combined with 5G network promotion to promote basic public services at different levels, different regions and different groups Coverage to promote equalization of basic public services.

4. Smart city logistics turns into reality

Goods and services Digitalization is the prerequisite for achieving e-commerce. Urban airports, inland ports, bonded areas and other physical commodity distribution centers will use cloud platforms to implement a series of links such as digital warehousing, logistics, and distribution. They will add information and payment in addition to logistics and distribution to complement the iron triangle of the e-commerce system.

5. The promotion of high-speed networks will accelerate the construction of smart tourism

         The large-scale promotion of high-speed networks in China will bring great impetus to the construction of smart tourism in various places. With the support of the high-speed network, tourists can use smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets to obtain location positioning, route navigation, weather trends, finding food, hotel reservations, attraction recommendations, shopping navigation, interactive sharing, online ticket purchase and other services to achieve Food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other integrated travel services. It is expected that in 2019, the construction of smart tourism will show a rapid development trend. The promotion of high-speed networks has broken through the bottleneck of data transmission, making it possible for tourism services such as efficient data analysis and information acquisition based on big data. With the gradual improvement of the tourist experience, a network effect will gradually be formed. In the next few years, smart tourism will show a rapid development trend.

6. Government-enterprise synergy will gradually replace government investment

         Smart city is an advanced form of urban informatization, and it is an urbanization development model that contains new elements and content. If the government manages both management and operation, it will easily lead to many problems such as insufficient financial resources for urban development, low capacity for sustainable development, and low management efficiency. With the help of private capital, the introduction of market mechanisms and business concepts into urban management can both expand the comprehensive resources of urban management and enhance the capacity and quality of urban management.

7.Smart healthcare will accelerate the integration of the industry chain

Internet of Things , big data, cloud computing, and mobile internet The application has promoted the rapid development of the smart medical industry. With the continuous application of information technology in the medical industry, smart medical care, as an emerging service carrier, provides users with medical and health service guarantees, and will become an important government player. It will optimize the industrial chain in a "government-led market-led" manner. To alleviate the current prominent medical problems. It is expected that the construction of smart healthcare will present a situation of blossoming flowers and the industry chain will accelerate the integration. The government will gradually expand the scope of the regional health platform to include more hospitals, maternal and child health, disease control centers and pharmacies into the regional health service system; the market will follow the promotion of new technologies and new products, and make model innovation To meet user health needs.

8.Smart communities will become a scramble for smart city entrances

         In recent years, various emerging technologies have developed rapidly and are increasingly applied to the construction of smart communities. As an important part of a smart city, a smart community is the contact point for the smart landing of the city and the carrier of urban management, government services, and market services. Among them, various types of smart community projects such as digital communities, smart homes, community care and smart ecological communities are emerging. . With the promotion of smart cities and the popularization of next-generation technologies, smart community projects will usher in a new round of rapid development. Therefore, the smart community will become the bearing point for the landing of enterprise business, and the smart community industry will achieve rapid expansion. Companies will accelerate their deployment in the smart community industry. The competition for smart community entrance will become increasingly fierce with model innovation, technology promotion and data precipitation.

9.China will steadily advance the procurement of government cloud

         The pilot of government cloud service procurement was launched. Since the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology carried out cloud computing demonstration projects, the government has actively explored new models of cloud computing service procurement and has continued to expand the types of service procurement. The Ministry of Finance has issued the "Catalogue of Government Procurement Items (Trial)". Include cloud computing services. The National Procurement Center will improve procurement standards and procedures, and start trials with central government agencies and promote them to local governments. Local governments will actively promote the procurement of government affairs clouds. Local governments should focus on issues such as service standards, service security, and service quantification. While actively responding to the promotion of national cloud strategic services, they should, in accordance with their own development, establish procurement standards appropriate to their local conditions.

10. Information security will become the strategic focus of smart city construction

During the construction of smart city , the infrastructure and information resources are An important part of a smart city, the effectiveness of its construction will directly affect the manifestation of a smart city. As an auxiliary support system, information security is the top priority of smart city construction. How to build an integrated information security monitoring platform and how to strengthen the information security risk assessment system will become the strategic focus of smart city construction. The construction of smart cities will pay more attention to information security. The government should focus on categorizing infrastructure and continue to deepen security protection in network infrastructure and information resources; enterprises should strengthen industrial cooperation to form a joint force to promote the development of China's security information industry



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