In July 2019, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Housing and Construction issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening and Improving Urban Parking Management" to accelerate the construction of parking and charging infrastructure, revitalize existing parking space resources, innovate parking information applications, and strengthen key areas Berth management, give full play to the role of urban communities, and create a management work pattern of co-construction and governance.

        Local governments have also frequently issued encouraging policies. For example, the Beijing Municipal Government issued the “Regulations on the Administration of Parking of Motor Vehicles in Beijing” in March 2018. In June 2018, the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission jointly released the “Special Plan for Parking Facilities Construction in Shenzhen” (2018 -2020), formally proposed to start the parking facility "Billion Project".

"Difficult parking" is still common

         Despite policy changes, "difficult parking" is still common. The proportion of parking spaces in cities in China is mostly between 1: 0.5 and 1: 0.8, which is far below the level of developed countries. With many cars and few cars, the "difficult to park" is very obvious. Fundamentally, with the rapid development of our country's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of cars in cities has exploded. According to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of June this year, the country's motor vehicle population reached 340 million, of which 250 million were vehicles. Looking at the distribution of cities, there are 66 cities with more than 1 million vehicles, an increase of 8 year-on-year; 11 cities with more than 3 million vehicles, of which Beijing and Chengdu have more than 5 million vehicles.

        According to statistics, the gap in Beijing's parking spaces should be about 2 million, accounting for about 30% of the gap, and it is difficult to fill in a short time. In other second- and third-tier cities that have no restrictions on purchases and parking, the gap in parking spaces will be larger, and some cities have a gap of more than 50%.

        In addition, the lagging operation and management methods have not kept up with the excessive growth rate of cars, and the situation of "no parking" is still very prominent. According to iResearch's "City Smart Parking Index", the vacancy rate of parking lots in Beishang, Guangshen and Shenzhen is 44.6%. How to use intelligent technology to solve the problem of difficult parking becomes a problem that needs to be solved for a long time in the future.

Smart parking is expected to solve the "difficult parking"

         A variety of factors have caused parking difficulties, expensive parking, and traffic congestion in China. How to improve this situation, the emergence of smart parking seems to be a popular solution. In recent years, with the growing popularity of the Internet + thinking, the maturity and popularization of emerging technologies such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing have led to the rapid implementation of O2O business models. Through the use of technology such as license plate recognition technology, intelligent voice interaction technology, big data indexing technology, and electronic payment, parking lots are moving from the traditional era to the mobile internet era and to the intelligent era.

        In simple terms, smart parking is intelligent parking and informationization. It mainly implements two major functions: intelligent parking spaces + automatic parking fee payment, helping car owners to achieve daily parking, parking at different times, parking space rental and other services to realize parking intelligentization and management Visualization and operational efficiency. In addition, as the accuracy of algorithms has improved significantly, and the advantages of mobile applications have gradually emerged, users can truly optimize parking lots through statistical real-time data. At present, the smart parking system has also been successfully implemented in various places.

        However, experts in related industries said that smart parking is still facing many problems. There are two main factors. One is the complex ownership of parking infrastructure, the exclusiveness, scarcity, and exclusivity of parking lot resources, leading to difficulties in coordinating interests and no unified construction The synergy of joint investment. Second, multiple competing technological management methods coexist, failing to form a unified standard. How to find a more suitable way to realize the real application of smart parking and solve the problems of urban parking difficulties will be the direction of efforts of all parties in the future.



        However, a single smart parking system cannot completely solve the problem of parking difficulties in the city. Due to the inconsistency of the property rights and management technology of the parking lot, it is difficult for the government to implement unified management of parking data in a short time. Coupled with unreasonable urban planning, opaque information, and lack of efficient parking induction methods, parking resource reuse and substitution are poor, and parking difficulties remain serious.

        As an indispensable part of the smart city system, smart parking is also an important project to improve the quality of people's livelihood. It has been highly valued by the leaders and leaders of local governments. Relevant experts suggest that to solve the problem of urban parking difficulties, we must start from the overall planning of urban parking, draw on existing mature experience, form an overall solution, promote parking legislation and policy release, formulate relevant technical standards, explore new development models, and completely solve urban parking. Difficult question.

Various companies in the field of smart parking

Due to the large number of entrance and exit equipment and products used in parking lots, parking lots become security An important branch of the industry. The import and export equipment manufacturers represented by Jieshun Technology, Anjubao, Dinike, Blue Card and other companies vigorously expanded the parking lot field. With the application of new technologies in recent years, cloud parking system , intelligent The platform began to be used more and more in the construction of parking lots, and the system has intelligent application operations and a good customer experience, and the parking business is continuously expanding.






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