As an important part of smart cities, smart communities have made great progress after more than 10 years of development. Today's property market has changed a lot compared to before. Many services based on smart property platforms have appeared one after another, completing functions previously unattainable by traditional services. For example, through the mobile Internet and smart phones, the tedious maintenance process can be simplified, and services can be ordered and purchased. The development and popularization of smart APPs has become a development direction of the current industry.

Relationship between smart community and property

       How to judge whether a community meets the criteria of a smart community is divided into four categories: smart property management, e-commerce services, smart elderly care services, and smart homes. To build a smart community, smart property is an integral part of it.

       According to the latest China Industry Research Network's 2019-2025 research report on the development status and development trend of China's high-end property management industry, it is believed that with the release of improved demand in the real estate market in the past two years, the emergence of high-end projects has further promoted high-end properties The demand for service quality will also create room for future property management companies to increase their property management fees in these areas.

       After 40 years of rapid development in China's reform and opening up, people ’s living standards have improved significantly, middle-income groups have continued to expand, and residents ’requirements for service quality have increased significantly. The demand for high-end, personalized, and service-oriented services such as housing, housekeeping, and pensions has grown rapidly, Pay attention to the quality of goods and services, pay more attention to brand and reputation, pay more attention to consumer experience and spiritual pleasure, pay more attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, pay more attention to civilized progress and environmental protection, pay more attention to fairness, justice and the rule of law. The consumption structure is undergoing profound changes. More and more owners pay more and more attention to quality. Quality is so important. Only quality can bring real value-added services to owners.

       Since 2015, the Internet has developed rapidly, and traditional industries are switching to the Internet. Against the background of the smart city and smart community strongly promoted by the country, major property companies are working hard in this direction.

Property development

The development of a property can be summarized into three phases:

(1) Basic property services

       Collect property management fees from the owners, including the provision of maintenance and maintenance of houses and equipment, management of environmental sanitation, safety, fire protection, cleanliness, and greening. Its value creation mainly lies in the preservation and appreciation of housing equipment. Enterprises focusing on basic property services mainly expand the management area through the acquisition of projects to achieve sustainable revenue growth.

(2) Value-added services

       Value-added services mainly include value-added services for owners and non-value-added services for owners, value-added services for owners (space operating income, housing brokers, e-commerce services, community finance, housekeeping services, and elderly care services, etc.), and value-added services for non-owners (consulting and consulting services, courts Services, engineering services, etc.).

(3) Community o2o

       With the development of high-tech such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet, property management companies have tested the Internet one by one, focusing on community life scenarios, and building an O2O community service platform between users, businesses, and service providers. On the one hand, resources at both ends of the "online" and "offline" can be integrated and managed through the cloud to create a more convenient community living environment for residents while further expanding the value-added service development space and creating new profit points; Can improve the efficiency of property management, reduce energy costs and personnel costs.

Development Trends of Smart Communities

1.Integrated and intelligent development of smart communities

       With the advent of the Internet era, the lifestyle of residents has changed, making intelligent and integrated lifestyles more popular. The smart community applies modern integrated and intelligent technologies to the construction and construction of the community environment. At this stage, the technical aspects mainly include the following aspects:

(1) System integration: In the community, technology mainly focuses on the comprehensive information within the community, and develops in the direction of information integration with community islands, thereby achieving information sharing between communities and improving system service capabilities.

(2) Ecology of design: With the rise of the disciplines of eco-environmental protection and materials science in China, the concept of ecology is gradually integrated into the process of community design.

(3) Networking: In today's smart communities, there is a network everywhere, and the use of the network to promote intelligent equipment to ensure the convenience of production and life of community members.

(4) Devices tend to be intelligent: In the continuous development of science and technology, devices are developing in an intelligent direction, and comprehensive treatment of people and things is increased, and community devices are becoming intelligent and community development of.

2.Integrating intelligent elements into community life

       It is not difficult to find in smart communities that intelligent elements have been integrated into different aspects of the community.

(1) Impact on the daily life of residents: The application and construction of smart communities are serving the lives of the people in the community, and have now been extended to household appliances, entertainment, lighting, security, electricity meters, etc. aspect. Various intelligent hardware can ensure the safe operation of the community than intelligent security and intelligent access control. In addition, smart communities play a role in advancing the construction of smart medical services and smart cities, and promote the development of smarter communities.

(2) It is conducive to ensuring the normal life of special populations: Due to many reasons such as illness or age, it is difficult for some residents in the community to take care of themselves. After incorporating new technologies, the integrated one-stop service and remote control mode reduce the danger of special people's lives and ensure the safety of special people.

3. A complete smart community network will be formed

       A smart community is not a simple stacking and stacking of technology, but a meticulous and considerate service based on people. In order to meet the application and construction needs of smart communities, the mutual cooperation between architectural design, community property and network operation companies will be an inevitable development trend. The concept of smart community construction will be planned and implemented in the initial design stage of construction projects, and will be different. Comprehensively evaluate the building structure settings and network information line settings for functional requirements, and realize an integrated and systematic construction mode. The functions of smart communities can be effectively applied, which not only brings convenience to the lives of the community, but also enables construction enterprises. , Win-win construction and application model for property companies, communication companies and communication network companies.

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