Month: January 2020

Why are smart communities getting hotter?

A community is both a cell and a microcosm of a city. When the topic of smart city construction is getting hotter and hotter and closer to the common people, the smart community "suddenly like a night breeze, thousands of trees and pears blossom." Many owners living in traditional property districts can't help but wonder, such as Why is the smart community burning? What do smart communities have to do with the lives of ordinary people? What new experience can intelligent housing bring?

       Everything is possible in the Internet age! When the Internet encounters communities, it is bound to produce many changes in the context of this Internet + era. When the traditional property management industry is integrated with the Internet, the resulting changes or even subversion are inevitable. Why is the smart community really on fire?


This is a big subject, and the reasons are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

First, the objective needs of external factors: the steps of smart communities, smart cities, and urbanization are highly unified. Smart communities are the epitome of smart cities and the touch points for their construction. This has led to the emergence of endless contents such as community intelligence, smart homes, community pensions, and smart community ecology; many people easily misunderstand and urbanize It is the transformation of towns and villages, this view is too one-sided. In the process of new-type urbanization, even the construction of the Xueliang project implemented in various places in recent years, people are the core of the service, thereby driving the development of smart communities to a higher level and wider fields.

Second, the role of internal cause: From a philosophical perspective, internal cause is the fundamental reason that determines the development of things. Policy bonus is only an external factor. The key to the prairie trend of the smart community from concept to landing depends on what it can bring to the lives of ordinary people. The most direct manifestation is that the smart community is based on the sense of happiness of the people. By creating a smart community, it provides convenient services for the society and the common people. Need for survival, development and life. Currently, smart community applications have begun to penetrate all aspects of the owner's life. Smart buildings, smart homes, etc. have further extrapolated smart applications from the community to the home, which has fundamentally improved the intelligent life of residents and improved their quality of life; in terms of application scalability, with the rapid development of smart community technology , Will undoubtedly further promote the combination of "cloud" and "end" in the community to realize smart applications at any time, anywhere, on demand, and at will in the smart community. For example, AI community access control for smart communities was born to meet the needs of the community industry.

       AI video access control products are actually AI-based building intercom products. AI intelligent access control is playing an increasingly important role in precisely controlling the market and using the most cutting-edge technologies to humanize product functions to achieve people-oriented goals. The AI intelligent access control system combines the Internet of Things technology with the Internet, and uses software and hardware to support the use. It has developed a set of intelligent systems that specifically solve problems such as high community management and operation costs, difficult property maintenance, unrenewable information, and hidden security risks. Change the way of communication between the property and the owner, improve the service level of the property, and realize the value-added service camp of the community


In terms of property management services

       The solutions of the smart community platform can allow real estate companies to make full use of core technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., to realize the intelligent management of the community cloud platform, and easily realize the many functions of daily management of property companies; On the basis of management, expand value-added operation tools and models to cover many functional modes such as surrounding business districts, advertising releases, convenience services, online interactions, community activities, mobile phone opening, and healthy retirement;

       In financial management

        It can open the last mile channel to form a small consumption and settlement of a three-kilometre living circle, as well as the unified collection of water, electricity, gas, property fees, etc .; large commercial supermarkets, stores, beauty salons, laundry and car washing, etc. Various types of consumer merchants including clothing, food, housing, and transportation are integrated, and big data is used to accurately serve owners, creating a more convenient and favorable community environment.

        Creating a high-quality and good living space for owners in the construction of smart communities is the core work of property management. A safe and comfortable community environment, effective and fast interactive communication and response, timely provision of life support services, rationalized cost control, and community diversified revenue are all the contents that need to be optimized and developed for the construction of smart communities.

        As the pace of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, and the like of the Internet of Things is getting closer to ordinary people, smart communities are bound to enter the era of crowds. A smart community construction company should be soberly aware that its business value must not only create value for shareholders, partners, and the enterprise itself, but also must concentrate on research and hard work in the era of the Internet of Everything, which means product, technology, and capital. , Market, resources, channels, packaging, especially focusing on the concerns and needs of the owners of the community, work hard to upgrade and iterate, and continue to introduce good products and technologies to the majority of owners. Only in this way can we occupy the commanding heights of the market competition and welcome the support and trust of the vast number of owners with their excellent business value and brand advantages!

                                                                                                             Source: Jianshu

Community intelligence Smart access control, parking, security

At a time when the pace of life is getting faster and faster, more and more office workers hope to save more time. At the same time, more seniors are hindered by normal movements in their daily lives because of mobility problems. So the creation of Community O2O is inevitable, it simplifies Tedious life everyday.

       But the community O2O that stops here is not enough. Busy people not only want home life, but also intelligent community. Therefore, the development goal of our community O2O is to start the intelligentization of community services and light up the smart community.

       Intelligent functions that are currently equipped include access control systems, intelligent parking systems, and intelligent monitoring systems. Community owners can use community O2O instead of access control cards, and not only can the community access control be opened directly through the intelligent system. The steps of opening the door of the access card are simplified, and the vehicle can be stopped remotely and monitored in all directions. Arranged the manual management of community access control.

                                   ——————— Indoor Extension Terminal ——————————


                                  —————————— Smart parking ——————————

                               ---------Intelligent monitoring----------

       In addition, these systems can support a variety of terminal uses. In addition to mobile phone APP and PC, we also have pad and large screen terminals; and some self-service interactive terminal.

       The development of the community smart camera is nearing completion. We will realize that the camera outside the unit door can be directly viewed in the community O2O. That is, the owner can view the real-time image outside the unit door through the community O2O whenever and wherever.

       Intelligent community is the development goal of Fenghua Zhengmao Technology O2O Research Institute, so more intelligent functions are being developed. Such as smart ordering, smart express collection. The delivery box is placed uniformly. After the community owner logs in to the app and clicks on the delivery, the delivery box opens automatically.

                                         ————————— Smart Ordering ——————————

        The intelligent function combined with the property hardware not only saves the cost of property management, but also makes the daily life of the community owner intelligent.


Source: Jianshu



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