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Face recognition access control sets up a campus security guard line of defense

       In recent years, campus safety incidents have affected the nerves of parents, campus administrators and other parties. In addition to the recent new coronary pneumonia, how to ensure campus safety has become an urgent issue. The traditional access control identification card does not recognize people, and it is identified by the naked eye of campus guards. There are many students, not necessarily all of them. It may be mixed with outsiders. The security risks are large, and access control cards can be copied. To use, the consequences are serious.

       In order to better strengthen campus security management, prevent outsiders from entering, and provide students with a safe and comfortable learning and living environment, the campus face recognition access control system solution came into being. The campus face recognition access control system has the function of actively capturing faces. As long as it enters the camera recognition range, the system will respond quickly, compare and recognize with the face database, and show that the recognition is successful. Students can easily enter and exit by simply brushing their faces. .

Face recognition access control system for campus management main functions:
1. Manage students' entrances and exits to prevent idle personnel from entering and exiting;
2, all face recognition data information unified network management, the system also has information management and record query and management functions. The system is equipped with real-time monitoring software, which monitors the access situation 24 hours a day, and uploads data in real time. The background data can be inquired and retrieved at any time through the background to truly intelligent management
3. Fast traffic speed, combined with face recognition algorithm technology, you can quickly recognize the face in 1 second with a single glance, automatically open the door within 1.5 meters, and support offline recognition.
4. Realize the generation of student attendance records.

      Through scientific and technological means such as face recognition and access control systems, it can effectively control chaos such as random entry and exit of outside staff, accommodation of outsiders, and overnight stays. It can prevent security hazards such as theft and violence outside the campus and build a security line for the campus.

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Facial recognition infrared temperature measuring machine helps enterprises resume work

        An epidemic has pressed the pause button for many businesses. In the critical period of resumption of work and production, how major companies to strictly control and respond to this war "epidemic" will be a huge test. With the epidemic raging, everyone is wearing a mask to return to work. This has faced new challenges for units that have adopted or are about to use their face attendance and face opening.

        Face recognition technology has been widely used in various enterprises and institutions, smart parks, communities, campuses, buildings and other scenes for face recognition attendance, access control and access control. Taking the face recognition attendance as an example, as long as the employee stands in front of the device, the camera on the face recognition attendance machine can accurately detect the position and size of the face, obtain a valid image, and extract the feature data of the collected image and the photos in the system. After the comparison of the characteristic data is successful, you can quickly and easily identify the success of attendance, and the relevant personnel of the human resources department can query the attendance records of employees in the background synchronously.

        While strictly scientifically preventing and controlling the epidemic, in order to ensure the supply of materials, stabilize social expectations, and maintain normal economic and social order, many companies will resume work one after another. However, in the face of an outbreak of new crown pneumonia, companies must make all preparations for resumption of work to ensure that the working environment of employees is clean and disinfected, and at the same time ensure that the physical condition of each employee does not appear abnormal problems such as fever.

Employees who go to work every day to check in and check in are very prone to cross-contact infection. At the same time, daily temperature registration is also a tedious task, and loopholes will inevitably occur! Shenzhen Ximo Wisdom Face recognition temperature measurement terminal : Face recognition access control + Infrared temperature detection function! Recognize in seconds, measure temperature accurately, return to work and attendance and temperature measurement in one step!

Fast and accurate, infrared thermometer face recognition officially

Recently, taking temperature in and out of the community has become a "item" that everyone must experience. All kinds of handheld infrared thermometers are smart and portable, and have become a good helper for community workers. With the return to work return date, train stations, airports and other densely populated places are also actively introducing a variety of temperature measurement equipment, strive to efficiently complete passenger temperature measurement work, to provide security for passenger travel.

There are mainly two types of infrared thermometers currently used: handheld infrared thermometers and AI artificial intelligence automatic infrared thermometers. In public places such as subways, airports, terminals, railway stations, and office buildings, handheld infrared thermometers have low efficiency through manual screening, and they also expose workers to dangerous situations, so their application scope is limited.

In contrast, the automatic infrared thermometer has the advantages of long distance, large area, non-contact, and rapid screening of body temperature. Intensive crowds can achieve automatic and non-sense customs clearance. Once the abnormal body temperature is found, the instrument will automatically display and alarm in real time, which will greatly improve the screening efficiency and early detection of patients with suspected cases of high temperature.

With the appearance of the face recognition thermometer, human body temperature detection becomes more efficient and accurate. In summary, after combining the thermal imaging accurate temperature measurement technology with visible light face recognition technology, the face recognition accurate thermometer can automatically eliminate the factors that interfere with the human body temperature measurement, only measure the temperature on the forehead of the face, and real-time temperature The superimposed display is on the true color face image, so that the face and temperature are instantly visible. At the same time, the AI face recognition thermometer detects 16 faces concurrently per second, and the train of 551 people can be measured in 34.44 seconds, which greatly shortens the detection time and improves the detection efficiency.

On February 18, some bus lines in Guangzhou took the lead in piloting the installation of face recognition thermometers nationwide. It is understood that the bus face recognition thermometer can scan and detect the temperature as fast as 1 second. If there are many passengers in the car, the face recognition thermometer can also quickly complete the temperature measurement, which is highly practical. It is worth mentioning that the face recognition thermometer is installed at the bus door position, which can measure passenger temperature, record passenger information, and provide voice prompts for health conditions without driver intervention.

Some analysts pointed out that the application of the smart body temperature epidemic monitoring measurement and early warning system reduces the risk of infection of the surveillance personnel, and better solves the disadvantages of traditional human body temperature detection, such as high labor costs, low measurement efficiency, slow early warning response, and difficult global control. Very high. Up to now, Beijing, Tianjin and other cities have been equipped with such equipment.

In addition to face recognition thermometers and related systems, the application of intelligent equipment such as voice robots, disinfection drones, and unmanned delivery vehicles also provides important support for the smooth progress of epidemic prevention. It is foreseeable that in 2020, the application of intelligent equipment in the medical field will be deeper and wider.



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Face recognition infrared temperature measurement system

       "The body temperature is normal." On February 18, the reporter saw at the Guangzhou East Railway Station bus station that a face recognition thermometer had been installed at the entrance door of the buses 263 and 256. When a passenger gets in the car, the face recognition thermometer can automatically recognize the portrait, lock on the forehead area for multi-point temperature measurement and broadcast the results.

At the same time as the payment by credit card is completed, the temperature measurement is also completed simultaneously, and the manual temperature measurement by the driver after the payment has been saved, saving a lot of time. Chen Zhenlin, deputy director of the Public Transport Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, said that this device can also shield the surrounding environment and other personnel during temperature measurement. Even passengers can wear a mask to measure temperature normally.

Compared with the traditional manual temperature measuring gun, the face recognition thermometer has higher temperature measurement efficiency and accuracy, which can prevent passengers from being blocked at the door due to temperature measurement during the peak flow of passengers. Wu Shangfeng, Technical Manager of the Second Branch of Guangzhou Bus Group Tram Company, said: "The driver uses a traditional thermometer to detect the temperature of a passenger in 5 to 8 seconds, and now the face recognition thermometer can detect it in 1 to 2 seconds.

After the temperature has been measured, the passenger's temperature will appear on the thermometer's electronic display. For passengers with normal body temperature, the instrument will report "normal body temperature", and when the passenger's body temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, the instrument will issue a continuous "drop" alarm and broadcast "abnormal body temperature" to remind the driver and fellow passengers. Secretary and company jointly supervise and do a good job of epidemic prevention.

“The driver does not need to stand up and take a manual temperature measurement for the passenger. This allows the driver to focus on driving operations and reduce the close contact between the driver and the passenger.” Chen Zhenlin said that the device will also record the passenger's temperature information in the background, providing traceability for epidemic prevention help. "If necessary, you can also use the bus source tracing system to find information about vehicles, drivers and fellow travellers."

At present, the face recognition thermometer is mainly used on Guangzhou 256 and 263 bus lines. In the future, it will be extended to the main trunk line vehicles and stations according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control.

        Shenzhen Ximo Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched the face recognition infrared temperature measurement system to help control the development of the epidemic. It consists of five functions: human infrared temperature detection, binocular live detection, platform data analysis and detection, custom voice playback, and ID card collection and authentication. At the same time, a free mini-program of epidemic prevention management was launched to help various places to effectively control the epidemic situation.

Face recognition infrared temperature measurement + epidemic prevention management program: technology helps community epidemic prevention stations

        At the same time when the area access control is brushing his face, the temperature measurement is completed at the same time. In order to effectively prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, Gaojingxin Garden, Gaojing Town, Baoshan District, for the first time, applied infrared temperature detectors to the community. At present, the infrared detector of Gao Jingxin Garden is installed at the gate of the residential area. The residents can automatically measure the temperature when they enter and exit. It can be used both day and night. The energy is devoted to community patrols and other tasks.

        During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, online plus offline, civil air defense plus technical defense, and firmly guard the community gate. Not only that, Gaojing Xinyuan Community relies on a full-coverage real-name face recognition access control system. Just swipe your face on the relevant equipment of the community, and you can complete the information registration in 1 second without filling in any forms. The background can automatically compare and delete duplicate registration information, refresh the list and send it to the staff of the neighborhood committee, greatly saving the time and energy of manual registration. Gaojing Town guarantees full coverage of the fight against the epidemic through "technology + closure + linkage" for small communities without property enterprises due to its small scale. Issue a real-name QR code temporary access card to ensure real-name registration and information traceability, and ensure that only residents of the community are allowed in.

         At the same time, the epidemic prevention management program can be provided to all streets, communities, and parks for free use. The system is composed of two parts: "epidemic prevention registration" and "community epidemic prevention management". While it is convenient for residents to report epidemic information, the system can provide efficient, accurate and timely access to epidemic big data for grassroots management. The system has five major functions: epidemic prevention registration, epidemic inquiry, disinfection inspection, real-name registration, and material management, which further facilitates the management of each park during the epidemic.

           During the epidemic, Ximo wisdom urged everyone to actively cooperate with community workers, not to run around and wear masks; not to add chaos to society, and to defeat the virus at an early date; if necessary, please contact us for this equipment.

Infrared temperature measurement brushing face access control helps community protect against epidemic

At present, how to do a good job of epidemic prevention in the process of resuming production and production is a difficult problem for each factory, park and enterprise. Faced with this dilemma, Shenzhen Ximo Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. Response Section With the advent of rework, a face recognition and temperature screening solution has been developed for the crowd movement in fixed places.

This newly launched face brush access control can automatically detect body temperature. Once the passenger's body temperature is found to exceed the standard, an alarm will be automatically issued to remind the staff to handle abnormally, effectively screening suspected high fever personnel.

The temperature in the residential area was measured while brushing in and out. Effectively prevent and treat pneumonia caused by new coronavirus. At present, the infrared temperature-measuring community face brush access control is installed at the entrance of the community. It can automatically measure the temperature during the entrance and exit of the residents. To invest in community patrols and other tasks with fuller capacity.

During the critical period of epidemic prevention management, online and offline, civil defense + intelligent defense technology, adhered to the community's entrance security protection and quarantine work. Not only that, many communities rely on the infrared temperature measurement community's face-brushing access control management system to provide full-name system coverage. Just install relevant equipment at the entrance and exit of the residential area to measure the temperature of the face of the community owner, and complete the face appointment registration in one second And abnormal temperature alarms to troubleshoot new coronaviruses without filling in forms. The background can automatically check and delete the duplicate registration information, and the background record data is updated in real time, which is convenient for the residents committee to check, which greatly saves the time and labor of manual temperature measurement.

Before entering or leaving the community, all personnel must pass the "clearance review" of the intelligent face recognition detector. Within a few milliseconds of the employee's passing, the face temperature measurement system records the employee's temperature and attendance in the system. If the body temperature is normal, the gate will be opened automatically. If the body temperature is abnormal, the system function will automatically issue a reminder and the supervisor will perform the abnormal treatment procedure. The face recognition temperature detection system greatly improves the efficiency of community and enterprise employees' screening and reduces the situation of false detection and missed detection.

For infrared temperature measurement in the community, brushing the face with access control can not only block the transmission of the new coronavirus, but also check the identity of people entering and exiting to ensure the security of the community, as well as a safe and virus-free environment in the community. Community owners are worried about whether someone is carrying the coronavirus inside the community.



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