At present, how to do a good job of epidemic prevention in the process of resuming production and production is a difficult problem for each factory, park and enterprise. Faced with this dilemma, Shenzhen Ximo Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. Response Section With the advent of rework, a face recognition and temperature screening solution has been developed for the crowd movement in fixed places.

This newly launched face brush access control can automatically detect body temperature. Once the passenger's body temperature is found to exceed the standard, an alarm will be automatically issued to remind the staff to handle abnormally, effectively screening suspected high fever personnel.

The temperature in the residential area was measured while brushing in and out. Effectively prevent and treat pneumonia caused by new coronavirus. At present, the infrared temperature-measuring community face brush access control is installed at the entrance of the community. It can automatically measure the temperature during the entrance and exit of the residents. To invest in community patrols and other tasks with fuller capacity.

During the critical period of epidemic prevention management, online and offline, civil defense + intelligent defense technology, adhered to the community's entrance security protection and quarantine work. Not only that, many communities rely on the infrared temperature measurement community's face-brushing access control management system to provide full-name system coverage. Just install relevant equipment at the entrance and exit of the residential area to measure the temperature of the face of the community owner, and complete the face appointment registration in one second And abnormal temperature alarms to troubleshoot new coronaviruses without filling in forms. The background can automatically check and delete the duplicate registration information, and the background record data is updated in real time, which is convenient for the residents committee to check, which greatly saves the time and labor of manual temperature measurement.

Before entering or leaving the community, all personnel must pass the "clearance review" of the intelligent face recognition detector. Within a few milliseconds of the employee's passing, the face temperature measurement system records the employee's temperature and attendance in the system. If the body temperature is normal, the gate will be opened automatically. If the body temperature is abnormal, the system function will automatically issue a reminder and the supervisor will perform the abnormal treatment procedure. The face recognition temperature detection system greatly improves the efficiency of community and enterprise employees' screening and reduces the situation of false detection and missed detection.

For infrared temperature measurement in the community, brushing the face with access control can not only block the transmission of the new coronavirus, but also check the identity of people entering and exiting to ensure the security of the community, as well as a safe and virus-free environment in the community. Community owners are worried about whether someone is carrying the coronavirus inside the community.



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