Distribution robots help smart logistics

        Time always goes by inadvertently, and the future is coming quietly. We just adapted to the warm service of express delivery and takeaway brothers, and the distribution robots began to appear in our field of vision.

        According to statistics in 2017, the global food distribution market reached 100 billion US dollars, and the express delivery market reached 300 billion US dollars. At the same time, the rise of e-commerce has also made express delivery and take-out the most expensive labor industry. Therefore, distribution robots have become a new direction for major platforms and enterprises to compete.

        From indoor distribution to outdoor distribution, from catering, express delivery to equipment parts distribution, e-commerce, food companies, start-up robot companies, and even established machinery companies have begun to compete for this market that has not yet fully opened.

        The whole country's GDP in logistics cost consumption accounts for 18%, the labor cost of the whole logistics accounts for 50% of the total logistics cost, and other developed countries account for about 8%, including 8.2% in the US and 8 in Japan. .5%, the world average is 11.7%, which means that China's logistics costs are the most expensive, much lower than the global average, and there is still a large market to be developed.

        According to industry insiders, in 2020, China's logistics and distribution industry will have a business volume of 100 billion. This is a very scary number. You know, in 2016, the number of employees in China's logistics and distribution industry was 2.033 million. Later, with the development of AGV technology, distribution robots replaced artificial labor, and by 2018 it was reduced to 118.3. Ten thousand people. Calculated at a cost of 100,000 yuan per person per year, the market size of unmanned distribution robots is as high as 118 billion.

        From foreign Woowa Brothers, Starship, Yelp, Domino's Pizza, ThyssenKrupp, to the domestic Ali, Jingdong, Suning, Meituan, Hungry, Yogo Robot, Shenlan Robot, Cloud Trail, Real Machine Intelligence, numerous The company is already preparing in advance and gearing up.

        In general, from the market scale of 118 billion, distribution robots are replacing the artificial labor force into the landing stage. As a fusion of e-commerce and automation, logistics and robots, distribution robots obviously have a long way to go. From the long-term situation of strong logistics demand and R&D from Jingdong, Ali, and Shunfeng, we also tell us that to achieve commercialization of large-scale applications, distribution robots are the fastest and most accurate entry point, but the delivery robot will bring The evolution and application of new technologies, the transformation of logistics and service models, and the changes in employment structure are all worth considering and imagining.

                                                                                                                                                (Article source: OF week robot network)

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