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100 billion-class huge blue ocean market Agents the latest generation of artificial intelligence access control Enjoy rich returns - the first choice for business

Market analysis

Future community intelligent standardization

  • From 2015 to 2016, the output value of security products exceeded 180 billion, and the proportion of output value of smart access control products reached 12%-14%.

  • The domestic access control enterprises have also jumped to a quarter in the major projects, with an annual demand of about 5 million sets, and an annual growth rate of more than 15%.

  • "2017-2022 China's smart security industry investment planning analysis report" pointed out that the smart security civil market in the next five years can reach hundreds of billions of yuan.
  • Product advantages

      The product coverage exceeds 200,000 users, and the APP has more than 200 docks.Smart community industry initiative, leading technology

      • Artificial Intelligence Application: AI Face Recognition
      • A variety of ways to open the door: open the door, open the door, open the door with a password, open the door remotely, open the door with audio (visual), open the door with face recognition, etc.
      • Highly sensitive touch screen: High-sensitivity magnetic card sensor with sensitive touch screen.
      • Video intercom system: audio and video visual intercom, remote unlocking in the cloud.
      • System integration applications: integrated access control, property management, smart parking, smart home, community business and other system functions.
      • Unlocking the record cloud storage: Each time you unlock the door machine, you can capture the picture storage cloud, which is convenient for forensics, and has time and unlocking records.
      • Video surveillance system: HD camera + cloud video server, real-time collection of monitoring information of monitored points to ensure community security.
    branded advantages
    Professional R&D team and continuous technical investment, strong brand products, technology, services and business models. Leading industry

    Strong company qualification

    Self-owned core technology, exclusive software customization, support for secondary development, product free iteration

    Superior product advantage

    Established a strategic research center with rapid product updates

    Keen industry outlook

    High-tech enterprise, domestic leading core technology, more than 5 years of intelligent hardware R & D team


    Advantage after service

    Strong after-sales team, full service, responsive, perfect technical support and more services

    commercial value

    Rich business value, huge profit space


    Easy access to users

    Community access control can easily access a large number of residents to develop multi-mode business value


    Community advertising medium
    100% full-touch advertising medium Can work with a variety of community business and advertising projects


    Community interaction platform
    Promote emotional interaction between neighbours Rapidly organize diverse community charities and business activities


    Community intelligent management
    Community installation of access control system can easily and efficiently accurate property management, simplify management personnel, reduce management costs, and effectively improve management efficiency.


    Community e-commerce operations

    Integrate merchants within 3 km, connect merchants and owners Provide high value-added community services


    Efficient management of community houses
    Housing rental, viewing, signing, management, monitoring One-click mobile phone to increase gain
    Application field

    Intelligent community applications built on smart access control systems

    Community access

    Wisdom building

    Office building

    Smart campus

    Smart campus

    Smart campus

    Smart fitness

    Educational institution

    Agent condition
    Identify enterprise brand value
    Business concept

    Have legal business qualifications and a fixed business place

    Have a management team of 5 or more and good market operation ability

    With working capital of more than 100,000 yuan

    Willing to obey the company's unified brand management and operations

    Cooperation Case

    Standard cooperation conditions to quickly establish agency partnerships
    (Part of the cooperative community list)

    Xinghe flourishing age

    Postmodern City, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    AEON Yongle Suzhou Chengpin Residenc

    Luoyang Mayor Xiamen Lake Park

    Guangzhou Pearl River Property Sports Garden Project

    Xi'an Changqingfang Community

    Micro Valley maker space

    Tianyi City, Xingtai, Hebei

    China Resources New Town Garden

    Hongrongyuan Shangfeng Garden

    Product Series:

    Face recognition cloud intercom




    Smart Home Series

    Internet of things series

    Intelligent channel smart parking series


    Smart community solutions





    Smart campus solutions



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