Background of the project

demand analysis






●Program introduction

Access control system

It is composed of intelligent gates and access control controllers, face recognition and linkage equipment (including cameras, alarms, etc.). It has an entrance and exit management control system for personnel access control, real-time monitoring, security burglar alarm and other functions.

Intelligent visitor system

It integrates advanced document reading, scanning, and human-to-test comparison technologies. It can record the information and image information of visiting personnel in a detailed and rapid manner, and realizes “entry registration, exit cancellation, portrait correspondence, and historical visits by modern scientific means. Record query, report summary, and other functions. The system mainly manages the identity documents, image collection, registration time, entry and exit time of the visitor and grants the visitor access management system.

Ladder control system

On the basis of not changing the original elevator system, the face recognition device or module is embedded by the method of isolating the control of the elevator button, and the face recognition technology is used to authenticate the personnel entering and leaving the elevator to prevent the idle person, etc. Feel free to use the elevator to enter the entrance and exit management system on each floor.

Parking management system

Standard parking configuration plus face recognition technology, support for portrait and vehicle dual image capture verification, foreign vehicle license plate recognition, four-way real-time image monitoring and comparison function; document capture function, perfect one-car one-card function, anti-following, anti-car Lose card; realize the management system that controls the vehicles entering and leaving the building accurately and orderly.

●Da Butler APP application

Drive user engagement and interaction

Improve property services and work efficiency

Create a smart office access system

Assistant Office 020/Internet + Strategy

●Introduction to building face recognition system unlocking







Mobile phone remote opening


●Building face recognition system function introduction

Information Release

The property and the back office can post information to the mobile APP, and the mobile phone can query

Advertising play

After being pushed by the background, the host at the door can play the corresponding advertisement regularly.

Video intercom

At the door, the host calls the user's room number, the corresponding mobile phone rings, and listens to the video intercom.

Image capture

The visitor calls the household, and the host will capture the picture and send it to the mobile phone.

●Product display


●Product parameters

woke patternInternet, offline
operating system:Android
CPU:ARM 4 core
Internet connectionEthernet /WiFi/4G Optional
power supply:DC 12V 5A
Operating temperature:-25℃-65℃
Working humidity:10%-95%
input interfaceOpen button, tamper, door magnet, alarm, etc.
Alarm function:Support tampering, illegal door opening alarm, door open time alarm, fire linkage
Access control function:Mobile APP remote open / Bluetooth open / Mifare / CPU card
product features:ID card / dynamic password advertising / announcement play, video intercom, call transfer, mobile phone open

●Successfully cited cases - high-end office building Jiangnan Times Building

●Intelligent visitor system


Face authorization, face inputSafer intelligence


WeChat public account appointment, efficient and convenient


Linkage with elevators, efficient and safe


Visitor data is available for a wide range of applications


Support remote space, parliamentary guest defense


Open platform software docking accessibility

●Business scenario

Designated offices, conference rooms, leisure areas, etc.




管理者可通过管理后台授权用户发放访客 出入各个空间门禁的权限;

手机一键开门,有效解决传统门卡不易随身携带、丢失冒用、输入密码复 杂易出错的各种情况;


●Product series

01. Da Guanjia APP

Soft and hardware combination, better understand smart life    
Optimize services, aggregate peripheral services, and create smart communities to create better communities

02. Ximo Community Cloud Platform

Cloud platform serves the top ten real estate properties
Release the Internet of Things's powerful combat service mobile Internet portal application

03.AI artificial intelligence product series

VF720 face recognition, VF710 face recognition, gate guard S800 visitor

04. Cloud Visual Pair Series

Cloud video intercom host, all digital indoor unit, low power video doorbell, face video doorbell

05. Mobile cloud access control series

Mobile phone Bluetooth access control machine, mobile cloud access control machine, mobile phone Bluetooth QR code access control machine, ED120 mobile phone access control ladder control read head, ED120 mobile phone access control ladder control

06. Internet of Things Smart Lock

BC300 fingerprint lock, Bluetooth smart lock, NB/Lora IoT smart lock

07.AI artificial intelligence series

AI face recognition camera AI face capture surveillance camera

08. Smart home series

Switch panel, LED smart light, smart curtain, smoke, infrared sensor, light control

09. Smart parking series

License plate recognition parking lot Unattended parking lot

Top Keeper

With the new Internet thinking way, Dazhijia APP creates a “one-click mobile phone to open the door” to meet the needs and habits of modern users. APP combines the intelligent community management platform of “Intelligent Property Management System, Smart Home System, Intelligent Business Circle System”. Community property provides a digital and intelligent management platform to make community residents more secure, allowing users to experience more convenient and faster community life services.

●Product series display

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