Mobile phone access control


    product feature

  • Cloud verification, a new experience
  • APP opens the door, the QR code opens the door, the mobile phone Bluetooth opens the door with one button, and shakes the door
  • Verify the validity of the QR code online
  • Optional support for CPU card, MI card, ID card
  • Optional offline Bluetooth version / Ethernet / WiFi storage history card record: up to 2000 (cyclic storage) Mean time between failures: >2000
  • Owner's mobile phone one-touch call, automatic arrival
  • Support ladder authorization, swipe call
  • Optional QR code scanning automatic call
  • Set the traditional credit card ladder control function as one

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    Application field

Community access


Technology Building

Smart campus

Elevator ladder control


    Product parameters:

Product FunctionQr code cloud access control all-in-one machine
Verification modeQR code, swipe card, Bluetooth
Internet connectionOptional Ethernet/WiFi/Lora/2G/4G
power supply:DC 12V 5A
Operating temperature:-25℃-65℃
Working humidity:10%-95%
input interfaceOpen button, tamper, door magnet, alarm, etc.
Output:1 Relay output,optional 1 wiegand output
Access control function:QR code/mobile phone APP remote door / Bluetooth/Mifare card/CPU card