Internet + cloud intelligence One-stop solution

The latest community service model, management service integration, ten years of technology precipitation, providing cloud native
One-stop solution for multiple areas that can be customized, such as data intelligence

One-stop solution

更多物联   更多智能


Based on artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, through the intelligent community prevention and control cloud platform, comprehensive and accurate management of community vehicles, personnel and events, and corresponding services for public security, property, community/street offices, etc. Support and build a new ecosystem of smart communities.
Combined with the comprehensive management requirements of modern intelligent buildings, the data comparison on the face recognition access control equipment is used as the basis, and the computer is used as the background processing tool to fully realize the automatic management of the entry and exit personnel in the channel control area.
Achieving controllable, constrained, sustainable goals for waste sorting through community smart waste sorting solutions