Smart thermometer

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    product feature

        1. No battery, automatic induction, more resistant to high temperature than electronic thermometer

         2. Hangable pointer thermometer

        3. It can be used for temperature measurement of oil pan, barbecue, milk foam, and temperature of other liquids.

◇☆More IoT more intelligence

    Product parameters:

net weight:0.045kg~0.05kg
Material:405 stainless steel
Resolution:2 ° C / scale
temperature range:10°C~290°C 50F~550F (white)
100F~700F (black)

◇☆More IoT more intelligence

    Measuring range:

1. Temperature range: 10 ° C ~ 290 ° C 50F ~ 550F (white)

                  40°C~370°C 100F~700F (black)

2. Measuring range: oil pan, cooking, frying, etc.

3. Product list: thermometer, box

4. Product use: food processing and home kitchen