Mobile cloud access control machine

    product feature

  • Support mobile phone APP Bluetooth one-click to open the door, shake and open the door, open the door in the near field
  • Encryption card authorization, simple and convenient
  • Optional 2G/NBIoT/4G/wired Ethernet/WiFi
  • Optional support for continuous Weigand output, perfect compatible with traditional access control
  • Password open door visitor temporary password to open the door, can open the door remotely
  • Can be mounted on metal surfaces

◇☆More IoT more intelligence

    Application field

Community access


Technology Building

Smart campus

Elevator ladder control


◇☆More IoT more intelligence

    Product parameters:

Networking method:Ethernet
flow:Long connection, low traffic overhead
Remote door opening response speed:<1 second, the slowest within 2 seconds
Bluetooth speed to open the door:Apple mobile phone ≦ 1 second, some Android mobile phone ≧ 2 seconds
Swipe response time:<0.5 seconds
Internet connectionEthernet /WiFi/4G Optional
power supply:DC 12V 5A
Operating temperature:-25℃-65℃
Working humidity:10%-95%
input interfaceOpen button, tamper, door magnet, alarm, etc.
Alarm function:Support tampering, illegal door opening alarm, door open time alarm, fire linkage
Access control function:Mobile phone Bluetooth / Ethernet / shake / close / IC or ID card to open the door
product features:Can send a temporary password to the visitor, can open the door remotely